Hosting a Halloween party? These miniature haunted house favor bags will have your guests screaming in delight! Hang bags from branches for a spooky – yet chic – tabletop display!

By Manal Aman
August 24, 2017

Halloween Treat Bags hanging from trees close up

Fill these miniature haunted house favor bags with miniature treats like candy, stickers, stationary and small jewelry! For an adult Halloween party, you can even think about filling the bags with gift cards to a coffee shop!


    • 2.5" x 4" paper bags, black
    • Cardstock, black and yellow (optional: orange)
    • Scissors
    • White glue
    • Small hole punch
    • Twine
    • Black marker
    • Gel pens (select ones that will show up on black such as neon green or white)
    • [button-pdf id="547269" title="Roof template (optional)" /]
    • Small treats of your choice to fill the bags

      Step 1: Add Windows and Fill Bags

      Use the yellow cardstock and scissors to cut out windows and a door for the haunted house. Don't worry about cutting these perfectly as you want the house to have a rickety look.

      Use a black marker to add details to the windows and door (again you don't have to worry about drawing straight lines on the windows and doors – diagonal lines will just add to the charm).

      Cut a roof and chimney for the house using black cardstock. [button-pdf id="547269" title="If desired, use our roof template for this step." /]

      Glue the windows and doors to the paper bag and to the roof if applying windows there too. However, don't glue the roof to the bag at this point. Fill the bags with the treats. 

        Step 2: Close and Tie

        Fold the top of the bag to close and use a small hole punch to punch the top of the bag as shown. Thread twine through the hole and tie the twine to close.

        Step 3: Add Roof

        Now glue the roof onto the bag. Snip off the sides of the bag so the roof looks like it sits correctly on the bag. It's ok to have the roof overlap the bag. It gives the houses a natural look! 

          Step 4: Add Details

          If desired, add details to the bag or roof with gel pens. Try using a glow-in-dark pen for a spooky vibe. Adding details like trim, shingles, and siding will help the treat bags stand out. 

          Add spiders and spider webs to complete the haunted mansion look! Try embellishing the bags with stickers, glitter, or colored paper. 

            Step 5: Arrange

            Arrange branches in a vase and hang the haunted house favor bags from the branches for a tabletop display. Choose long, thick branches that can support the weight of a couple haunted houses. Make them even spookier by painting the branches black or white. 

            This treat display is perfect for leaving on your porch if you won't be home to greet trick-or-treaters. Simply hang several bags on branches and leave a short note inviting little ghosts and ghouls to take one!


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