Make Halloween Pinecone Spiders

This Halloween, the pinecones in your backyard get to don a costume. They, and their gum pod friends, are dressing up as Halloween spiders!

Look no further than your backyard for crafting inspiration! These creepy-crawlies are the perfect spooky accent to all of your Halloween decor. No giant Halloween spiderweb is complete without spiders. 

Looking for more ways to bring pinecones indoors?

What You'll Need:

  • Small pinecones or sweet gum pods
  • T-pins
  • Foam-core board
  • Flat black spray paint
  • Red or green glass-head straight pins
  • Wire clippers
  • Clear crafts glue
  • Small black pom-poms
  • Hot-glue gun & glue sticks
  • 20- to 22-gauge black wire

Step 1: Make the Body

Pin pinecones or gum pods onto foam core using t-pins to prevent rolling. Spray-paint black.

Step 2: Add the Face

Trim two small red or green glass straight pins to 1/4 inch long. Dip the pins' cut ends into crafts glue; insert side by side into a black pom-pom to resemble eyes. 

Step 3: Finish the Spider

Hot-glue eight 3- to 4-inch lengths of black wire to a pinecone or pod to resemble legs; bend wires into legs. Hot-glue the head to the body.


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