Make Creative Halloween Masks

Unmask your creativity and make a fun Halloween disguise for both you and your kids. All you need are our easy Halloween mask ideas, a few crafts store basics, and a hot glue gun.

Make a Sunflower Halloween Mask

Let your child's imagination grow with this fun, flower-theme Halloween mask. Cut 24 petal shapes from yellow felt, two leaf shapes from green felt, and two circles from brown felt. Place the brown felt circles over the eye holes on a plastic mask shape, marking the holes on the felt. Cut out the eye holes from the brown felt and set aside. Using the eye holes on the mask as the center, glue the yellow felt petals onto the mask in a circular pattern. Add green pipe cleaners for the stems, and glue on the leaves. Place the brown felt circles on top of the petals, and add a few sparkly beads around the eyes to make them stand out.

Make a Princess Halloween Mask

Make your little girl's fairy-tale dreams come true with this princess-for-a-day Halloween mask -- no fairy godmother required. With a paintbrush, outline the eye holes of the mask with glue and immediately dust with silver glitter. Hot-glue pink and purple flowers, feathers, butterflies, and other shapes fit for a princess around the top of the mask. Adhere four ribbon ends to the back corners of the mask, and adorn the ribbon with pretty flowers if desired. Add another flower to hide where the ribbon meets the mask to give it a polished look.

Make a Lion Halloween Mask

Add an impressive mane to a store-bought Halloween mask in a pinch. Simply glue raffia to a cardboard strip, then hot-glue the strip to the inside perimeter. Coat the mask with yellow paint, then mist the cheeks, forehead, and chin areas with orange paint for extra dimension. Cut two triangles from yellow felt to form the ears, and cut a triangle from brown felt for the nose; hot-glue pieces in place. To make the mouth, bend pipe cleaners into jowls and secure to the mask with hot glue. Use a marker to add extra facial embellishments to finish.

Make an Owl Halloween Mask

Even though owls are noctural creatures, don't let the wearer of this Hallowen mask stay up all night! To make it, brush the entire mask with glue and layer on feathers -- the thicker, the better. Cut rings from brown and yellow felt to frame the eyes, and glue on a yellow felt triangle for the beak. Attach a few larger feathers above the eyes to finish the mask.

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