Turn a rainbow of honeycomb shapes into a garland of friendly monsters for your next Halloween party.

This Halloween, do the "Monster Mash" under your own googly-eyed garland. Whether you're hosting an all-out monster-themed kid's party or just updating your spooky indoor decor, a playful DIY garland adds a festive touch. Instead of creating a traditional balloon version, opt for paper honeycombs—we'll show you how to assemble the shapes into a handmade decoration in under an hour. Build the Halloween garland on your front porch next to your DIY monster pom-pom wreath, or use it to decorate a table covered in party treats.

  • Working time 1 hr
  • Difficulty Easy

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How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Assemble the Garland

It might sound backward, but you are going to hang the string first for this garland. It is easier to assemble the garland while it is hanging rather than flat on a table. So cut a length of string to fill your space. Mount adhesive hooks on the wall; tie on string.

It is time to go crazy imagining monster faces. Plan on mixing colors and shapes. Maybe some of your monsters won't have mouths or will have three eyes. They're your monsters, so they can look however you want! With your plan in mind, cut out the mouths and teeth from adhesive-backed felt.

Step 2

Add Honeycomb Balls

This monster garland can be made using any size honeycomb balls, paper lanterns, or a mix of both. We combined 28 for a 3-foot garland. Open each ball and lantern according to package directions. Starting at one end of the string, tie on the shapes, alternating colors, shapes, and sizes. Continue adding balls and lanterns until the garland is full.

Colorful paper lantern monster garland on wood wall
Step 3

Make Monster Faces

Now it is time to bring your monsters to life with their faces. Peel the adhesive backs off the felt shapes and stick them to the balls or lanterns, then add googly eyes using adhesive dots. (Remember not every ball and lantern needs a face.)

 Have leftover felt or honeycomb balls? Try making one of these kid-friendly Halloween crafts.


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