Halloween Spider & Insect Crystals for Your Chandelier

Turn an ordinary chandelier into a bug-infested Halloween fright.

What You'll Need

  • Large, heavy hand-sewing needle
  • Lightweight black jewelry wire
  • Assorted clear-acrylic faceted prisms
  • 8-mm faceted black beads
  • 6-mm round silver beads
  • Rubber spiders and bugs
  • 7x11-mm silver magnetic jewelry clasps
  • Silver bead party necklaces

How to Make It

  1. Loop a wire length through a prism and twist the wire twice to secure the prism in place.
  2. Thread beads, alternating black and silver, on the wire.
  3. Bead half the wire, then push the needle through a rubber spider or bug.
  4. Thread the remaining beads on the wire.
  5. Finish by attaching a magnetic clasp to the top.
  6. Cut the party necklaces to length and drape around the light fixture; use the magnetic clasps to hang the crystals.

Note: Our instructions are for magnetic crystals. Attach yours with thin silver wire if magnets will not work on your fixture.


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