21 Creative Pumpkin Crafts to Make for Halloween

fall pumpkin and flower wreath

From paper pumpkin crafts to pumpkin pillows, these Halloween decorations offer a great alternative to jack-o'-lanterns. Cut, sew, and glue your way through our easy pumpkin craft ideas.

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Stick Pumpkin Wall Art

finished stick pumpkin piece leaning against wall with copper bowl and wheat

Halloween crafts for kids can become chic and trendy Halloween decor! Join the kids in the backyard to gather sticks of all different sizes, then arrange them in a pumpkin shape on a canvas or wood backing. Start with shorter sticks on the edges and use slightly longer sticks toward the center; use something wide and sturdy to serve as the stem. Once you have planned the shape out perfectly, hot-glue the sticks in place—it's that easy! This chic piece of fall wall art is so easy, you'll want to make a whole patch full of wood stick pumpkins. Plus, you can use any extra gathered sticks as kindling for a cozy fall fire.

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Pour Paint Pumpkin

close-up detail top half pour paint pumpkin

We're obsessed with the pour paint pumpkin trend. A pour paint pumpkin is pretty much exactly how it sounds—a pumpkin with paint poured on it. We're all about how fun and easy this project is! Pick a pretty color scheme of acrylic paints and start pouring. Alternate colors as you pour them over the top of the pumpkin. Feel free to be heavy-handed with the paint! Lean and wiggle the pumpkin back and forth to spread the paint out as it drips down.

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Dried Flower Pumpkin

pumpkins with flowers, flowers, pumpkins

Not all Halloween crafts are scary! This stunning pumpkin is decorated with dried flowers for a sophisticated piece of DIY decor. We love how easy it is to match this pumpkin to your existing fall color scheme—just look for dried flowers in matching colors. Use hot-glue to attach the flowers, then finish the look by gluing on a dried pumpkin stem.

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Nail Polish Pumpkins

Top view of marble painted pumpkins
Michael Piazza

Put down the carving knife and decorate your pumpkins with nail polish. Whip up these no-carve Halloween pumpkins using water and swirls of polish. We'll show you how easy it is to create pretty marbled pumpkins. Try creating a batch of pumpkins using glitter or metallic polish—or both!

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DIY Pumpkin Planter

pumpkin with fall flowers inside

Transform an artificial pumpkin into a gorgeous planter in just four simple steps! Fill your finished pumpkin decoration with hearty fall flowers like mums or try adding fresh herbs like rosemary.

Editor's Tip: Want to make your pumpkin planter last year after year? Instead of planting your flowers directly into the pumpkin, place a potted plant inside the cavity and remove it once the season is over.

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DIY Crepe Paper Pumpkins

diy pumpkins craft with crepe paper
Matthew Clark

Make pumpkin decor that lasts for several seasons to come. Use dyed crepe paper and paper that's been stripped of color to create different pumpkin textures, then glue strips to a paper-mâché pumpkin shape. Cover the stems with solid crepe paper and set them out to create your own paper pumpkin patch.

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Pretty Pumpkin Place Setting

thanksgiving pumpkin placeholder

This easy pumpkin craft is perfect for your next Halloween party or Thanksgiving table. Fresh fall flowers and a mini chalkboard add a rustic touch to your fall table. It all starts with a mini pumpkin and a bit of carving!

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Yarn-Wrapped Pumpkins

DIY yarn pumpkins

A stack of yarn-wrapped pumpkins adds a cozy touch to your Halloween decorations. All you have to do is wrap faux (or real) pumpkins in pretty colors of yarn. Use unexpected colors like pink, blue, and gray for a modern touch. Once you've mastered the technique, try using different types of yarn or ribbon for added texture.

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Tie-On Pumpkin Tag

Pumpkintine Pumpkin Craft

Wish someone a happy fall with a sweet note tied to a tiny pumpkin. This adorable pumpkin gift makes a great Halloween party favor or small gift. Tie on our free printable with a sprig of seasonal greenery, and this easy pumpkin craft is ready for gifting.

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Pumpkin Centerpiece

thanksgiving table pumpkin centerpiece with flowers

This gorgeous fall centerpiece idea starts with a plain white pumpkin. If you're using a real pumpkin, cut the top off and scoop it out to form a vase that can hold water. To make it with a faux pumpkin, use a knife to cut the top off the same way. Place a flower vase inside the pumpkin to avoid leaking. Fill the vase with soaked floral foam and finish with cut seasonal flowers and greenery. To get our look, stick to fall colors like orange, red, and cream.

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Fall Pumpkin Decoration

Pumpkin with "Fall" spelled with silverware
Werner Straube

Create a festive fall welcome using a pumpkin and antique silverware. Head to the thrift store and pick up an assortment of small forks, spoons, and knives to spell your greeting. Simply attach the flatware to a pumpkin using floral pins or a dab of hot glue. For a pretty fall front porch, display your finished pumpkin craft with bittersweet branches and a buffalo check pillow.

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Melted Crayon Pumpkin

diy melted crayon display white pumpkin
Jason Donnelly

Playing with crayons is a fun way to create Halloween crafts for kids. Attach a rainbow along the top of a pumpkin using peeled crayon pieces and a hot-glue gun. Give your blow dryer a break from the bathroom, and use it to melt the crayons down the pumpkin. If you have one, a craft heat tool instead of a hairdryer will accelerate the process. As you heat the crayons, wiggle the pumpkin to and fro to make sure the crayon wax spreads across the top of the pumpkin and runs down prettily. If you're making this project with the kids, let them hold the hairdryer while you do the wiggling.

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Mood Ring Pumpkin

painted pumpkin with blue accents

This Halloween pumpkin decoration is pretty with a splash of science! Thermal paint, painted over a layer of Halloween black, reacts with heat to create changing colors on the surface of your Halloween pumpkin craft. The color scheme of this pumpkin changes every time it's in new hands. Halloween decor has never been so moody...or cool!

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Halloween Paper Pumpkins

paper strip pumpkin in persons hands

If big and bold doesn't particularly match this year's Halloween decor, create sweet paper pumpkins in different hues to coordinate with the rest of the fall decor. Or better yet, get the kiddos involved—this easy-breezy Halloween craft is great for kids. This DIY pumpkin craft is so simple, it can be put together in minutes starting with strips of scrapbook paper. Cut 1-inch strips of paper, form the strips into a circle starting with one set of crisscrossing strips. Attach using a brad at both the top and the bottom. Cut out a couple of leaves for the top of each pumpkin.

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DIY Pumpkin Game

in the bag halloween game

Transform a plain orange tray into a fun DIY Halloween party game! Simply use black washi tape to add a cheerful jack-o'-lantern face to the center of the tray. Place the tray on the ground and toss bean bags into it. The person who gets the most on the tray wins!

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DIY Pumpkin Terrarium

miniature spooky graveyard scene inside of carved pumpkin

Think terrariums are just for summer? Think again! Use a faux pumpkin to create a stunning fall centerpiece or handmade Halloween decoration. First cut an oval shape in the front of an artificial pumpkin. Fill with sand and cover with moss. Decorate it with card stock houses and trees. Add small decorative items like tiny pumpkins and tombstones to finish this eerie DIY terrarium.

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Pumpkin Lanterns


Tin cans destined for the recycle bin get reused as Halloween luminarias. Make a bunch of these pumpkin lights and display outside to illuminate the way for trick-or-treaters.

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Pumpkin Serving Bowl

spider pumpkin snack bowl filled with popcorn

Create a creepy spider serving bowl with a couple of fresh pumpkins. Cut the top off a large pumpkin, hollow it out, and insert a plastic serving bowl into the cavity. Place it in a grapevine wreath decorated with faux spiderweb. Add a smaller smiling jack-o'-lantern and finish with black glitter garland "legs."

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Jack-O'-Lantern Piñata

girl hitting pumpkin pinata at halloween party

Make it a real Halloween party with this handmade pumpkin piñata. Start this Halloween project with a round cardboard shape (available at crafts supply stores) and embellish it with colored crepe paper. Finish it with a green crepe paper topper and a card stock face. P.S. Don't forget to tuck treats inside!

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Pumpkin Punch Bowl

pumpkin punch bowl on table

We're carving a pumpkin, sure, but this is no jack-o'-lantern. This Halloween pumpkin decoration is seasonal and on theme, plus every party needs a punch bowl! This pumpkin craft belongs at any Halloween or fall party. Just like with a pumpkin lantern, this party table centerpiece starts with a perfect gourd. Choose a pumpkin that is wide enough for a ladle to fit into, deep enough to hold a party's worth of punch, yet not so deep that the ladle can't reach the bottom. Then, cut the top of the pumpkin. Make sure your hole is large enough to fit a ladle in and out. Once the pumpkin is cut, clean out the seeds and "guts" as thoroughly as possible; you don't want your guests ladling up any stringy floaters.

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Gratitude Pumpkin

white pumpkin on charger with gold handwriting

A gratitude pumpkin is a fun family activity that captures the true meaning of the season. To create your own, have family members or friends share what they're grateful for. Then, use a metallic paint marker to write them around a white pumpkin. This is a great activity to help teach kids the importance of gratitude.

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