Turn plain wood crates into a friendly ghost and jack-o'-lantern with this easy Halloween pallet idea. It's so simple, the whole family can help!

By Alice and Lois
Updated October 03, 2019

These pallet Halloween decorations are seriously cute, and they're so easy to make! Round up the kids and set up an outdoor craft area—we're all about keeping the mess outside. When you're done with the project, display these sweet Halloween pallet signs on your fall front porch or in your yard.

  • Working time 1 day
  • Start to finish 1 day
  • Difficulty Easy

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

adding primer to pallet for halloween decoration
Step 1

Prime the Wood

The first step of this Halloween pallet project is finding wood structures in the right size. We purchased a large wood crate and a pallet-style sign at a local crafts store, but you may be able to find crates at a thrift store or garage sale. Once you have the crates or pallet signs, use a white primer to prep the surfaces. If you're doing this craft with young kids, do this step ahead of time. Let the primer dry completely before painting.

painting primed pallet for halloween decoration
Step 2

Paint the Background Color

If this is a family venture, bring everyone together to paint. To avoid a mess, lay a plastic tarp or drop cloth down outside. Use acrylic crafts paint to cover each wood surface; if you're planning to display the finished projects outside, make sure your paint is marked for outdoor use. We chose to turn the larger crate into a pumpkin and painted it orange. We wanted to make a ghost out of the pallet sign, so we covered it in a coat of white paint. Since you won't see the bottoms of the crate or sign, don't worry about covering those. Make sure to give each piece time to dry before adding the accents.

adding ghost design to white pallet for halloween
orange and white halloween painted pallets
Pallet Décor
Step 3

Paint the Face

When the painted wood pieces are dry, it's time to give each one a face! You can freehand the faces, or cut out pumpkin carving stencils and trace them onto the surface. Draw a basic jack-o'-lantern face on the bottom of the orange crate and fill in with black paint. Do the same for the ghost's features, then let the pieces dry. Once they're completely dry, choose a place to display your Halloween pallet decoration! 

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September 15, 2018
It was just so easy. There was nothing to it.

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