Make a Night Eyes Halloween Glass

Decorate a clear highball glass with pairs of oval and round wiggle eyes in assorted sizes to give your Halloween drink personality.

What You'll Need

  • Drinking glass
  • Red dimensional paint
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Tissues

How to Make It

  1. Cover a glass with pairs of oval and round wiggles eyes in assorted sizes.
  2. Gently squeeze a blob of red dimensional paint onto the surface of a glass, making it the approximate size and shape of the wiggle eye.
  3. Carefully drop the wiggle eye straight down onto the blob; gently press down on the wiggle eye until the red paint encircles the eye. Add the second eye in the same way.
  4. Add pairs of eyes, being careful not to touch the wet paint of other eyes as you work.
  5. If a mistake is made, use a tissue to wipe away the paint and the wiggle eye.
  6. Decorate one side of the glass, allowing the paint to dry before decorating the remaining side.


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