Easy Fall and Halloween Flower Arrangements

Carved Gourd
These festive fall flower arrangements are a chic addition to already-pretty Halloween decorations. To add Halloween flower arrangements to your DIY displays, mix fall flowers with traditional pumpkins to build creative centerpieces. Use faux flowers and pumpkins to create easy-to-store decorations that will brighten Halloween decor, or create stunning one-time decorations with real fall flowers. No matter what you pick, these fall flower arrangements will have your home bursting with beauty.

Cream Pumpkin Blooming with Autumn Flowers

Fill a hollowed-out pumpkin with orange ranunculus and white hydrangea to create a darling fall centerpiece. To start this flowering fall project, fill an empty pumpkin with soaked floral foam. Press the autumn flower stems into the foam and add sprigs of decorative foliage until the pumpkin is overflowing.

Dried Floral Halloween Pumpkin

Cover a pumpkin in dried autumn florals for a beautiful, blooming Halloween decoration. To match our featured style, select flowers in various hues of pink, orange, and yellow. Attach the flowers with hot glue until the pumpkin is covered, then let dry. If you are torn on which blooms to highlight, we recommend starting with dried globe amaranth and bright yellow strawflowers.

Gorgeous Blooming Fall Wreath

Transform a $5 twig wreath into a lush floral masterpiece by securing bright blooms to the form. For a lovely Autumn wreath, choose faux flowers in hues of reds, pinks, yellows, and orange. Add sprigs of berries and thick green leaves to complete the full-floral effect on this gorgeous Halloween decoration.

Succulent Pumpkin Planter

Feature stunning succulents throughout the Halloween season with this faux pumpkin planter. To make, just fill the hollow pumpkin with damp moss draped over a foam block, then arrange various sizes of succulents on top. This gorgeous fall centerpiece can last for weeks or months with proper care of the succulents—lightly mist once a day to keep the bright plants fresh. This is a wonderful Halloween decoration for kids to help make and then care for throughout the fall.

Daisy Halloween Vase

To create this bewitching Halloween display, spray-paint various sizes of pumpkins with a matte black finish. When the Halloween pumpkins are dry, use a paring knife to scrape away the painted surface in vertical or horizontal lines. Fill the hollowed pumpkins with orange gerbera daisies for a blossoming Halloween decoration that mixes the season’s happy and haunted spirits.

Chrysanthemums and Daisies on a Pumpkin

A few of our favorite fall flowers—chrysanthemums and daisies—come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. For a bright Halloween decoration that will shine on your front porch, attach a variety of these orange-hue flowers to your pumpkins. Use different sizes of pumpkins and florals to add dimension to your fall display.

Editor's Tip: Chrysanthemums do best in soil that is moist and well-drained, and they fare better in full sun.

Dahlias, Roses, and Bittersweet in Gourd Vases

Gourds are a wonderfully versatile Halloween decoration that add whimsy to your table displays. Select fall gourds that can stand on their own. Hollow out each gourd, and place a vase or thin glass inside to fill with a variety of gorgeous fall flowers like dahlias, roses, and bittersweet.

Millet in a Candy Corn Door Decoration

This festive Halloween display is one that can be used year after year. After creating your candy-corn door decoration using our easy tutorial, fill it with dried natural flowers like millet, grasses, berries, and dried Japanese lanterns. Artificial birds on black spray-painted twigs give the simple arrangement an eerie look that trick-or-treaters will love.

Chrysanthemums in a Gourd Vase

Bright chrysanthemums are the ultimate fall flower, and they are easy to transform into a stunning centerpiece for Halloween parties. To create this DIY decoration, hollow out a two-tone gourd, fit a vase inside, and add a few chrysanthemum stems.

Roses, Stock, Tulips, and Protea Bouquet

Hearty and colorful, this fall flower arrangement is a great mix to classic Halloween decorations. Fill a footed vase with bold varieties of roses, stock, tulips, and protea. This DIY flower arrangement works great as a centerpiece display for the whole season.

Decorative Dahlia Fall Centerpiece

Decorative dahlias are available in deep shades perfect for spookier Halloween decorations. To create your own Halloween flower arrangement, choose a robust and richly colored variety of dahlias, which will look great next to pumpkins and other Halloween accents.

Lilies, Chrysanthemums, and Pokeweed Berries Pumpkin Vase

Festive and fresh, this arrangement is the perfect fall display. Hollow out a decorative Halloween pumpkin and place an appropriately sized vase inside. Fill with lilies, chrysanthemums, and pokeweed berries. Surround the Halloween display with leaves from your yard and fall fruits to add a seasonal touch.

Cattails and Orange Star in Pumpkins

White- and neutral-tone pumpkins are great complements to vibrant varieties of fall flowers. Hollow out the inside of a pumpkin and place an appropriately sized vase inside for this Halloween craft. Fill with cattails and orange star flowers. Fill the decorative pumpkin with faux leaf garland from your local crafts store.

Dyed Sunflowers Centerpiece

Displaying colorfully altered sunflowers is a simple and sweet way to add life to your fall decor. To dye sunflowers, cut them and place in a glass vase with a few inches of water. Add food-dye to the water, along with plant food, and let sit. Within a few days, the petals will be vibrant shades of red and orange—perfect for your Halloween crafting.

Roses and Black Feathers Bouquet

Simple and elegant, this creepy-crawly Halloween display can be made with a bouquet of roses, faux black feathers (found at your local crafts store), and plastic spiders. Place your vase on a plate and sprinkle with the eight-legged creatures to make sure they're haunting your Halloween decoration.

Chrysanthemums & Pumpkins Display

Spruce up your classic Halloween decorations with a variety of chrysanthemums surrounding a faux pumpkin. This autumn arrangement looks great as a centerpiece or on a side table. If you like, tuck the flowers into a plain wreath form for additional structure.

Millet and Seed Heads in Jar

This earthy fall flower arrangement is made up of millet, purple coneflower seed heads, and love-in-a-mist seed heads. This DIY bouquet boasts a lot of spiky Halloween texture, so a simple glass vase does the trick.

Chrysanthemums and Pumpkins

Bring the freshness of fall inside with this bountiful display that makes a perfect Halloween decoration. Pick a few colorful pumpkins and offset the tiny tower with fall leaves, twigs, and a vibrant bouquet of chrysanthemums.

Petunia, Nemesia, and Calibrachoa in a Pumpkin Container

A spry combination of fall flowers makes a great addition to your Halloween decorations. Buy an oversize orange pot and paint a jack-o'-lantern face with black paint or permanent marker. Fill this easy Halloween craft with a variety of petunias, nemesia, and calibrachoa.

Silk Flowers Fall Arrangement

This beautiful fall arrangement has lasting power. Head to your local crafts store and pick out an autumnal array of dried billy buttons and cattails. Fill a neutral-tone container for a simple decoration that will last far beyond the Halloween season.

Chrysanthemums and Decorative Pumpkins

Miniature pumpkins make for fun and easy Halloween flower displays. Paint them in an assortment of bright Halloween colors and add cute kitty faces with paint markers. Tuck the creeping cats among chrysanthemum combos for a finished Halloween display.

Salvia and Black-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susans are great flowers to incorporate into Halloween decorations during the fall season. Plant them in an oversize, fall-color pot with salvia for a full and festive display.

Make your home fall-ready with Halloween decorations featuring pumpkins and gourds. Not every DIY Halloween craft needs to involve carving—try scraping a fall design into your pumpkin instead.

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