Gruesome Halloween Glasses and Garnishes

Get ready for your Halloween party with these spooky ideas for decorating drinking glasses and making easy, clever garnishes.

Skewered Jack-o'-Lantern

Add attitude to an otherwise sweet drink with this moody garnish. Cut a clementine in half and scoop out the insides. Using a sharp knife or a clean crafts knife, cut a face in each rind. Push a wooden skewer through the rind from the bottom and out through the top.

Editor's Tip: Want to add a scary interior to this garnish? Peel the rind from one more clementine. Gently separate the fruit into two halves. Use red food coloring to tint the curved surface of the fruit and then rinse it under water to lighten the color. Push the colored fruit into a rind into which you have carved a face. Make sure the skewer goes through both rind and fruit.

Bedeviled Skewer

Watch out! This skewer has a not-so-friendly face. Cut a devil's head from a red pepper, making one of the pepper scallops the chin. (The head should be about 1 1/2 inches tall.) Use a clean crafts knife to cut out eye slits and a mouth, then slip two or three cherry tomatoes on a skewer. Top with the devil head, pushing the skewer through the devil's chin.

Editor's tip: For best results, purchase red peppers that have the most scallops at the top and bottom.

Bleeding Beer Mug

Someone was thirsty -- for blood, that is. To create this effect, use red dimensional paint to drip "blood" from the rim of a beer mug. Leave a small open area so that your guest's lips will not touch any paint.

Night Eyes

We're always watching ... Well, not really, but this glass sure is! Decorate a clear highball glass with pairs of oval and round wiggle eyes in assorted sizes to give your drink personality.

The Scream

Cover your ears -- this drink is ready to scream. To create this effect, print the face pattern. Roughly cut around the pattern so it fits inside a tall drink glass. Using adhesive tape, tape the pattern to the inside of the glass, placing the eyes about 1 inch from the rim. Paint the face with dimensional paint pens in colors to match the theme of your party.

Jack-o'-Lantern Goblet

Make faces. Scary faces. Faces perfect for that Halloween bash. To create these goblets, print out the face pattern or create your own. Roughly cut around the pattern so it will fit inside a goblet. Using adhesive tape, tape the pattern to the inside of the glass, placing the eyes about 1 inch from the rim. Paint the face with a black dimensional paint pen. Use a sharp pencil to gently "pull" the paint to create sharp corners and straight edges.

Eerie Eyeballs

Bloodshot eyes set the mood with this Halloween drink. And they're quick and easy to make, too! Guests will have fun adjusting the eyes to stare at friends and family.

Batty Vampires

A trip to the deli counter gives you the tools to make this batty vampire garnish.

Bug Me, Please!

This skewer is bound to bug guests as they reach for a sip of their Halloween concoction. Use limes and maraschino cherries to create this effect.

All Arms and Legs

For an eye-catching way to dress up Halloween drinks, wrap them in arms and legs. This clever bejeweled octopus wrap adds star power to a simple wine glass.

Editor's tip: Choose a color to match your Halloween party theme.

Deadly Night Shadows

Super-simple black netting and fabric garnish this goblet. Tie assorted lengths of 1/2- to 3/4-inch-wide strips of black netting and sheer fabrics to the stem of a wine goblet. Top with 1/4-inch-wide picot ribbon. Glue a plastic spider to the foot of the goblet for a creepy accent.

Ghostly Glass

This martini glass is ready to do some scaring. To make this glass wrap, print the ghost pattern and cut it out. Using a pencil, trace the ghost onto white crafts foam. Cut out the shape. Take black crafts foam and cut out shapes for the eyes and mouth. Using foam glue, adhere the features to the ghost. Wrap the ghost around the outside of a martini glass, adjusting the shape as needed. Secure the wrapped ghost with dabs of hot glue. See the next slide for directions on making the coaster.

Editor's tip: The ghost shape should curve down from the rim of the glass so guests can take a sip without having to put his/her lips on the foam.

Black Widow Coaster

Spooky spiders make excellent coasters. Use them to set a proper Halloween mood and protect your furniture.

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