Ghostly Jewelry

Get in the Halloween spirit with these gliding ghosts that would rather hang out with you than rattle any chains.

What You Need:

Pair this jewelry with black or orange for a festive outfit. Click to enlarge.
  • Pearlescent white polymer clay
  • Flat-back black rhinestones
  • Black seed beads
  • Toothpick or darning needle
  • Thin black leather cord
  • Earring backs
  • Strong adhesive, such as E6000


1. Work the clay in your hands to make it warm and pliable. Form a ghost with a 3/4-inch ball of clay. Pinch the top into a flat, rounded point; then pinch out two small arms from the sides. Flatten the center and then lengthen the remaining clay so it ends in a point. Twist the pointed end under and around to give the bottom a swirling effect.

2. Press the rhinestone mouth and seed-bead eyes in place. For necklace pieces, pierce a darning needle or toothpick sideways through the top of the ghost to make holes for stringing.

3. Bake according to package instructions. Thread pierced ghosts onto the leather cord, tying knots in the cord to separate the ghosts. Glue remaining ghosts to earring backs. Let the glue dry.


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