3-Step Halloween Decoration Ideas

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One, two, three, done! Get ready for Halloween in no time — well, in three steps. Need Halloween party decoration ideas? We've included flying bats, playful pumpkins, and scaredy black cats. These DIY Halloween crafts are a great start to get your home ready for the spooky season.

Monster Pom Wreath

Add a not-so-scary greeter to your front door. This wreath is fun and fast to make! 

Make the wreath:

1. Make yarn poms in various colors and sizes.

2. Cover a foam wreath form in green ribbon, securing the ends with glue. 

3. Use hot glue to attach poms and large plastic eyes to the wreath, then hang the friendly face on your front door!

Crepe Paper Pumpkins

Dye your own crepe paper (it's easy!) and create a set of gorgeous decorative pumpkins. 

Make the pumpkins:

1. Brush sheets of crepe paper with dye and color-stripping solution to create realistic pumpkin patterns. 

2. Cut crepe paper into long strips. 

3. Use hot glue to attach the strips to a simple pumpkin form. 

Fuzzy Friends

Make an adorable fuzzy friend that will add a festive touch to any existing Halloween decor. 

Make the spider: 

1. Wrap a plastic foam ball with thick black yarn and use hot glue to secure the ends. 

2. Glue wood crafts sticks into a V shape to create 8 spider legs, then wrap each with black pipe cleaners. 

3. Press one end of each leg into the foam body of the spider and secure with glue.


Wood Bead Spider Wreath

This simple and spooky wreath is easy (and inexpensive!) to make. 

Make the wreath:

1. Make a wood bead spider and spray paint it black. 

2. Spray paint a twig wreath black. 

3. Use hot glue to attach the spider to the wreath and hang! 

Webbed Window Covering

Transform your front door into a clever spiderweb in three easy steps.

Make the decoration:

1. Start with three long strips of black crafts tape, creating an off-center X shape with two pieces and using the third to cut across the middle of the X, dividing your glass window into six sections.

2. Starting at the center, add tape strips to each section until a web starts to take shape.

3. Hot-glue a suction cup to a faux spider, and attach it to the window.

Paint-Dipped Pumpkins

These two-tone tabletop gourds make for one scintillating centerpiece.

Make the pumpkins: 

1. With a heavy hand, layer on white paint to the tops of miniature pumpkins using a foam paintbrush. Bonus points for drips!

2. Let the white paint dry for several hours before moving on to the final step.

3. Use your fingertips to add metallic gold paint to the stem of each pumpkin and let dry completely before arranging.
(image credit: Cassie Bustamante)

Wall Skull Vignettes

These ghoulish silhouettes put a Halloween-theme spin on traditional family portraits.

Make the decoration:

1. Search online for “skull clipart” and print the silhouettes onto art-quality paper.

2. Embellish the printouts by painting gold bows using a small detail paintbrush.

3. Put your embellished prints inside a frame and hang in your entryway or family room.
(image credit: Alexis Middleton)

Posh Pumpkin Display

Decorate your Halloween pumpkins this year with washi tape. Not only is is much easier than carving your pumpkin, but it eliminates the mess, too.

Make the decoration:

Watch the video to see how!

Spider-Stamped Plates

Celebrate the Halloween season with this understated and sophisticated stamp trick.

Make the decoration:

1. Cover a spider-shape stamp with solvent-based ink (the type intended for nonpaper surfaces).

2.Carefully press the stamp onto the backs of cheap glass plates, being careful to hold the stamp steady.

3. If you make any mistakes, use nail polish remover and a cotton swab to erase; let dry.
(image credit:
Erin Souder)

Paper Straw Witch Brooms

These pint-size brooms might not help with household chores, but they sure are a cute addition to a Halloween display!

Make the decoration:

1. Cut striped paper straws to about 3-1/2 inches.

2. Attach raffia to one end of the straw, first with glue and then by wrapping with a length of green tape on the outside.

3. Trim and fluff the raffia until you achieve a broomlike shape.
(image credit:
Craftaholics Anonymous)

Balloon Ghost

Casper the friendly ghost has nothing on this life-size Halloween porch accessory.

Make the decoration:

1. Blow up a white balloon and give your ghost a facial expression with a black permanent marker.

2. Tape a piece of string to the top of the balloon and thread it through the middle of a sheet of netting; allow the netting to fall down around the sides of the balloon.

3. Finish by pulling the netting tight beneath the balloon and tie with more string, then hang from the top-most string.
(image credit:
Sabine Williams)

Witchy Drink Bottles

Add a wicked-cool feel to your Hallowen party drinks with our witch silhouettes.

Make the decoration:
1. Print our witch patterns onto white paper, enlarging or reducing as needed to fit your drink bottles or glasses; cut out.

2. Trace around the templates onto black self-sticking shelf liner; cut out.

3. Peel off the paper backing and adhere the silhouettes to your drink bottles.

Editor's Tip: Print off extra witch patterns and use them to embellish other items, such as vases or decorative plates.

Jack-o'-Lantern Flower Vase

Skip the scary Halloween decorations and give this good guy a try. Ditch the standard candle and brighten up your jack-o'-lantern with an arrangement of bold-hue harvest flowers.


Make the decoration:

1. Carve a friendly, smiling face into a white pumpkin (or faux pumpkin).

2. Cut the stems of a bouquet of seasonal flowers and arrange in a small vase.

3. Set the vase inside the carved pumpkin.

Ghost Book Pop-Ups

Make a spooky centerpiece from old books and ghostly shapes.

Make the decoration:
1. Cut two basic ghost shapes from pages in the middle of a book, leaving the bottoms attached to the pages.

2. Fold up each ghost and secure with tape.

3. Use a hole punch or marker to make eyes for this haunting centerpiece.

Hanging Bat Pumpkins

Even outdoor decorations can be completed in a flash. Give the illusion of flying bats with our outdoor pumpkin decoration.

Make the decoration:
1. Print our bat patterns onto white paper, enlarging or reducing as needed to fit your pumpkin.

2. Paint silhouettes of black bats on white pumpkins using our pattern as your template.

3. Suspend the mini pumpkins from garden hooks with heavy rope.

Hanging Halloween Plates

Add an air of eerie elegance to your home with our skeletal and anatomical hanging Halloween plates.

Make the decoration:
1. Print images of copyright-free clip art in black-and-white.

2. Decoupage them onto inexpensive plates and bowls. We chose white to continue the black-and-white theme.

3. Hang the serving pieces on the wall with removable, adhesive-backed picture-hanging strips to avoid making nail holes for this seasonal display.

Halloween Yarn Wreath

Forget spooky decorations: Our yarn Halloween wreath is a cinch to make and oh, so cute.

Make the decoration:
1. Wrap plastic-foam balls of various sizes with orange, cream, and black yarn; hot-glue to secure.

2. Hot-glue each ball to a wire wreath form as desired, alternating colors as you go.

3. Add a pretty orange bow as an accent.

Wicked Witch Boots

Take a lesson from witches on accessorizing -- black boots are a Halloween must-have.

Make the decoration:

1. Place a plastic-foam ball inside the heels of two black boots.

2. Stick stalks of wheat and other dried foliage into the foam balls so the foliage sticks out the tops of the boots.

3. Set the boots near the front door to warn everyone that a witch is near.

Hanging Bat Rosettes

Hang a cluster of colorful paper accordions decorated with bats in your entryway to celebrate this Halloween.

Make the decoration:

1. Accordion-fold colorful cardstock to make large paper rosettes.

2. Use our pattern to trace and cut out bats; hot-glue to rosettes.

3. Dangle the rosettes with clear fishing line for a floating effect.

Creepy Candles

Spread a little fright on Halloween with our E-e-k! hurricanes.

Make the decoration:

1. Download our free letter templates and print using a color printer.

2. Wrap around store-bought glass hurricanes; tape in place to secure.

3. Place candles inside hurricanes and light for a flickering effect.

Candy Corn Jar with Mums

Are those spiders jumping out of that candy jar? Not quite. A spray of chartreuse spider mums tops a jar of candy corn.


Make the decoration:

1. Insert a smaller, waterproof container into a short, large vase.

2. Fill the smaller container with florist's foam and chartreuse spider mums.

3. Fill the larger vase with candy corn.

Haunted Library Books

Even regular household items, such as books, can become bewitching props for a Halloween vignette.

Make the decoration:

1. Cut lengths of paper to wrap around the books, and fold the edges over the insides of the front and back covers.

2. Decorate the spines with Halloween stickers such as pumpkins, skeletons, or witches' hats.

3. Spell out creepy book names along the spines using a stencil or letter stickers.

Hair-Raising Tablecloth

This no-sew tablecloth couldn't be easier to make.

Make the decoration:

1. Download and print the pattern; cut out.

2. Trace the scaredy-cat shapes onto black felt; cut out.

3. Attach them to a large piece of gold felt using fusible web.

Colorful Candy Bowl

Transform a clear glass bowl into a Halloween-ready display with our easy construction-paper embellishments. To make, cut the paper into strips of various widths to use for stripes and trim. Trim with decorative-edge scissors if you like. Using circle punches, punch out dots in various sizes and colors. Adhere pieces to your candy bowl using double-stick tape.

Sequined Mask Candy Jar

Keep a watchful eye on who is sneaking loot from the candy jar.

Make the decoration:

1. Adhere a sequined mask to the outside of a candy jar.

2. Glue two flat marbles into the eyeholes of the mask for a piercing gaze.

3. Fill the bowl with your favorite candies and set out for guests or trick-or-treaters.

Candy Treasure Trove

Be ready for trick-or-treaters with this special Halloween bowl.

Make the decoration:

1. Cut off the top of an artificial pumpkin.

2. Embellish the pumpkin with rickrack, and spell out the word treats in a fancy script using paint.

3. Fill the pumpkin with an array of sweet treats for your guests or trick-or-treaters.

Dotted Table Runner

With layers of brown and orange, the dotted design on this table runner conjures the image of a field of pumpkins. The brown will carry through the harvest season; use black felt for a traditional Halloween look.

Make the decoration:

1. Trace various-size circles on a length of dark-color felt; cut out.

2. Layer the felt over a length of same-size orange felt.

3. Secure the two layers with glue, if desired, and drape the runner over the table.

Sparkling Glass Votive Cups

Turn everyday candles into a Gothic affair with a few simple embellishments.

Make the decoration:

1. Wrap black scrapbooking paper around glass votive cups.

2. Trace spooky designs onto scrapbooking paper using a pencil.

3. Following the designs, add some bling to the cups with adhesive sequins, jewels, and rhinestones.

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