Crafty Kids Halloween Party

Trick out your Halloween festivities with these frighteningly fun projects.

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    Kids' Halloween Party

    Design by Lisa Storms

    Throwing a Halloween bash that the kids will love is easy with these simple crafts. Invitations, decorations, and treats all come alive with cardstock and other crafts store supplies.

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    Halloween Party Invitation

    Design by Lisa Storms

    A jewelry gift box painted black and lined with felt becomes a cute coffin invitation to RIP, a "really interesting party." Just print out party information and trim to fit inside the box. Add small wood letters on the outside and a paper-piecing bat inside for a scary accent.


    SOURCES: Cardstock: WorldWin Papers. Font: Traveling Typewriter (invitation) off the Internet. Felt: Jo-Ann Stores. Paint: Plaid.

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    Hanging Bat Rosettes

    Design by Lisa Storms

    Hang a cluster of decorative large rosettes made from accordion-folded cardstock; dangle them from clear fishing line for a floating effect. Add a hand- or die-cut bat to carry the motif through the decorations and add whimsy.


    SOURCES: Cardstock: WorldWin Papers. Die cuts: My Mind's Eye.

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    Spider Centerpiece

    Design by Lisa Storms

    Chenille sticks and rolled cardstock combine to make a fun spider centerpiece. Cut a florist foam ball in half using a craft knife, and push the rolled-up paper into the foam to form the spider's body. Glue on button eyes for a goofy face.


    SOURCES: Cardstock: WorldWin Papers. Chenille sticks, pom-poms: Jo-Ann Stores. Foam: FloraCraft.

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    Halloween Table Setting

    Design by Lisa Storms

    A piece of green cardstock easily becomes a place mat. Decorate the table and the silverware with plastic spiders for a spooky setting.


    SOURCES: Cardstock: WorldWin Papers.

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    Straw Bats

    Design by Lisa Storms

    A ribbon tied to a straw becomes a festive bat when you add googly eyes. Use pinking shears to add a decorative edge to wide-ribbon wings. To make place cards, write guests' names on the bows using a metallic marker.


    SOURCES: Ribbon: Offray. Marker: Sharpie. Pinking shears: Fiskars.

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    Halloween Spool Figurines

    Design by Lisa Storms

    Create whimsical characters using wooden spools wrapped in embroidery floss. Add stickers and cardstock for eyes and mouths to turn the spools into Halloween creatures.


    SOURCES: Cardstock: WorldWin Papers. Stickers: American Crafts. Ribbon: Offray. Embroidery floss: DMC Corp. Wooden spools, corks: Jo-Ann Stores. Paint: DecoArt (silver for corks).

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    Cat Spool Figurine

    Design by Lisa Storms

    To make the cat spool, have children wrap a spool with black embroidery floss. Cut out cardstock eyes and ears, and add string for whiskers.


    SOURCES: Cardstock: WorldWin Papers. Spool: Jo-Ann Stores.

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    Apothecary Treat Holders

    Design by Lisa Storms

    Fill apothecary jars with Halloween-color candies. Wrap the top of each jar with a strip of orange cardstock for added decoration. Label each jar with a best costume ribbon, so kids can claim their awards.


    SOURCES: Cardstock: WorldWin Papers. Patterned paper: BoBunny Press (stripe, dark orange dot, green dot on prize ribbons), Doodlebug Design (light orange dot), Little Yellow Bicycle (purple). Font: TypeWrong (prize ribbons) off the Internet. Stickers: American Crafts. Ribbon: Offray.

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    Costume Prize Ribbons

    Design by Lisa Storms

    Award your best-dressed guests with prize ribbons created just for them. Make a rosette from an accordion-folded strip of patterned paper by connecting the ends of the strip and flattening it into a circle. Layer it with a punched cardstock circle, a sticker, and a printed award title before adding the ribbon.


    SOURCES: Cardstock: WorldWin Papers. Patterned paper: Doodlebug Design (light orange dot). Font: TypeWrong (prize ribbons) off the Internet. Stickers: American Crafts. Ribbon: Offray.

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    Halloween Jar Characters

    Design by Lisa Storms

    Fill clear jars with a single color of candy and attach faces using cardstock shapes. Have each child guess how many pieces of candy are in each jar. The child that guesses the closest can take the jar home.

    SOURCES: Cardstock: WorldWin Papers.

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    Owl Treat Boxes

    Design by Lisa Storms

    Turn pillow-shape paper boxes into owls using fringed and layered circles for eyes and a simple patterned-paper breast -- perfect for partygoers to use to tote their treats home.


    SOURCES: Cardstock: WorldWin Papers. Patterned paper: Doodlebug Design (green dot), My Mind's Eye (damask, harlequin).

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