33 Free Halloween Printables You Can Download Right Now

Halloween-themed candy containers
Photo: Jacob Fox

We've made Halloween party prep easy with our fast and easy printable downloads. Get our favorite pumpkin stencils, festive activity sheets, Halloween decorations and more—they're all free! This year, try our Halloween printables or free printable Halloween coloring pages.

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Tasty Treat Bags

printable iron-on Halloween treat bags
Kathryn Gamble

Download our free designs and instructions below to make these fun trick-or-treat bags. These use an iron-on paper to transfer our free downloadable designs to the cotton drawstring bags ($23 for 100, Walmart).

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Deathly Sweet

Halloween-themed candy containers
Jacob Fox

Presto chango! Transform plain chocolates into a cemetery-inspired kiss of death by burying them in a 2x2-inch clear plastic favor box ($7 for 24, Oriental Trading). Use a glue stick to attach the label.

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Party Favor Bags

Halloween Treat Bag Free Printable
Courtesy of Alice & Lois Design Studios

Give away your treats in an upgraded plastic bag. Turn a simple Halloween treat bag into something special with this free printable. Simply print, cut, fold, and staple to a sandwich baggie filled with snacks, desserts, or small Halloween crafts for your Halloween party.

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Adorable Wine Labels

Halloween wine labels
Carson Downing

You'll be the star of any Halloween celebration with these clever wine labels. Print one (or all three!) and attach to a bottle for a thoughtful hostess gift, or print the whole set for a complete drink bar at your next spooky event. If you're looking to raid the kids' trick-or-treat bags, we've found the best wines to pair with your favorite Halloween candy.

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Wacky Warts

Boxes of raisins that say "warts from a witch"
Jacob Fox

Trick kids into eating healthy treats by rebranding raisin boxes as spooky witch warts. Print the labels on plain copy paper, trim them down, then glue them in place.

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Prep a Teal Pumpkin

printables with teal pumpkins
Brie Passano

The Teal Pumpkin Project is an organization committed to making trick-or-treating a fun activity for all children who want to partake in the tradition—and participating is easy! Let trick-or-treaters know your house is food-allergy free by setting a teal pumpkin on your porch and making sure you have plenty of non-food trick-or-treat items to hand out. Our fun and free printables will make sure children and parents know your house is handing out non-food treats.

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Eerie Elixir

Halloween-theme juice boxes that say "love potion"
Jacob Fox

Want to share the love among your visitors? Hand out boxes of water or juice wrapped in mysterious Love Potion labels held in place with double-stick tape.

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Halloween Treat Labels

cute Halloween treat bag labels
Carson Downing

A printable tag turns a plain white sack into a candy-ready treat bag. Label it for the guests at a kids Halloween party, or set out the tags with a set of markers and let guests decorate their own bags. You can also use our free printable as a sticker for jars, bags, or other Halloween treats. The labels come with six other designs, so the ideas are plentiful.

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Web Cast

Containers that say "spider webs" with plastic spiders
Jacob Fox

Is the container really filled with spiderwebs? Kids won't know until they taste the ghostly white strands! Put a gob of cotton candy in each dish, then adhere the labels to the lids using a glue stick.

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Halloween Bingo Cards

Halloween Bingo free printable
Courtesy of Alice & Lois Design Studios

Put away the regular bingo cards for this eye-popping Halloween bingo game from Alice and Lois! This free download includes six different bingo cards for you to download and print. Then just grab some candy corns for your bingo markers and you're ready to play!

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Tongue Twisting

Packaging that says "tongue of a snake"
Jacob Fox

Give friends and neighbors a shockingly sweet-tart surprise: Green apple taffy inside a venomous free Halloween printable label. Find single packages at a grocery store, or order boxes of taffy ($12 for 145, Walmart).

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Oh, Rats!

Black licorice packaging that says "rat tails"
Jacob Fox

Squeamish party guests will wonder about the rest of the rat when you package black licorice "tails" in 4x9 1/2-inch cellophane bags ($4, Joann). Fold each free Halloween printable and attach it to a licorice-filled bag using double-stick tape. Googly eyes are optional.

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Bat Halloween Coloring Page

Happy Halloween coloring page, Bats coloring page
Brie Passano

Set up an activity station to keep little ones busy during your kid's Halloween bash. Set out fun (and free!) printable Halloween coloring pages for your young party guests, including this classic bat Halloween welcome sign. Don't forget to add crayons or markers.

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Pucker Up

Halloween-themed chap stick that says "vampire wax"
Jacob Fox

Draculas-in-training desire vampire wax that keeps their lips supple and fangs exposed. Curl labels around tubes of lip balm, then fasten overlapped sides with double-stick tape.

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Bat Bubbles

Bat bubbles for Halloween

Use our free printable bat template to make this non-food trick-or-treat prize. Wrap black paper around a bottle of Halloween bubbles (or any other treat around the same size) to give this bat a body. Use googly eyes and a marker to create a goofy face, then tape one end of each wing to the back of the bottle, and let these bubble bats fly off with the trick-or-treaters.

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Boo Halloween Coloring Page

Boo Halloween Coloring Page with ghost
Brie Passano

Free Halloween coloring pages are an easy way to keep little monsters busy during the Halloween festivities. Color your own coloring sheets for a fun Halloween activity, or hand them out to trick or treaters with candy allergies on Halloween with a small pack of crayons.

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In the Bag

Halloween bags cornhole party game
Reed Davis

It's a toss-up as to what's more fun: Picking the fabrics to make into beanbags (simply sew together 3x4-inch pieces and stuff with beans) or creating this cute jack-o'-lantern face on an orange tray ($28, The Home Depot). Bonus: You can use the tray again to serve Halloween sweets.

To play this Halloween party game, set the tray on top of a stool and have kids try to toss the bags on top.

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Halloween Coloring Page

Pumpkins coloring page, white ghosts coloring page, leaves coloring page,
Brie Passano

Download this free coloring page for excited youngsters. The Halloween coloring page features pumpkins, autumn leaves, ghosts and candy corn. Color and cut into strips to wrap around Halloween treats!

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Cauldron Halloween Bubbles

Non Food Trick or Treat Halloween Bubbles Halloween Candy Alternative
Brie Passano

Handing out these Halloween bubbles could actually be cheaper than giving out candy bars! If you're looking for a non-food treat to hand out to trick-or-treaters, our free printable makes it so easy to dress up a party-size package of bubbles.

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Halloween Plate Silhouettes

Halloween silhouettes adhered to plates in cabinet
Monica Buck

Scare up this spooky plate display in minutes with our free printable Halloween decorations. Print the crow, branch, cat, and skeleton key designs onto paper, then cut out. Trace onto the back side of self-adhesive vinyl or shelf liner. Trim and adhere the silhouettes to white plates or a tray.

Editor's Tip: Our downloads are the mirror version of what you see pictured. Print and trace them onto the back side of the vinyl as directed. When adhered they'll face the correct way.

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Lantern Silhouettes

Halloween lantern silhouettes with pumpkins
Monica Buck

Light up the night with a few spooky Halloween symbols. Embellish plain glass lanterns with our easy silhouettes—simply print and trace onto the backs of shelf liner or vinyl. Then just cut them out and adhere to the lantern for a fast and easy Halloween decorating project.

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Halloween Banner on Mantel

printable Halloween banner hanging from mantel
Marty Baldwin

Dress up a mantel with our printable pennant-style banner for a memorable Halloween soiree. Simply print our free Halloween decoration, trim, and add to a length of ribbon long enough to drape across your display spot. We love it over a fireplace or hanging along a stair banister.

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Halloween Matching Game

printable Halloween kids matching game
Adam Albright

A basic matching game is extra-fun with a Halloween spin. Simply print out the illustrations you want (you'll need two of each pattern), attach to 8x8-inch double-side patterned paper, and laminate to ensure the fun lasts for a few Halloweens.

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Tree Silhouette Pattern

girl sitting near Halloween tree silhouette on wall
Greg Scheidemann

Make haunting a family affair with a bare-bones tree displaying family silhouettes or other pictures. We love it as a festive decor piece or as a backdrop for Halloween photos!

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Framed Ghosts

framed cut-out Halloween ghosts in glass
Matthew Mead

Set up a ghostly gallery with a trio of spirits you've printed. Sandwich the free printable Halloween decorations between sheets of glass and use black washi tape ($4, Office Depot) to seal the edges.

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Monster Party Decoration

printable Halloween monster in cabinet door
Jay Wilde

Add shrieks to your party displays with a printable monster. Simply download our free template, cut from pretty patterned papers, and tape to the inside of a glass-pane door.

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Black Cat and Bat Painted Pumpkins

black painted and carved cat and bat carved pumpkins
Adam Albright

No carving means no mess. Add cardstock cat ears to your painted-black pumpkins for a "purr-fect" way to celebrate the season, or use our free bat wing pattern to create a friendly flying creature.

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Poster Board Bat Sconce

Halloween printable bat sconce décor
Cameron Sadeghpour

Take flight with a batty sconce that's elevated from the rest of your decor. Trim this flying fellow and add him to a shelf bracket fitted with a spooky black candle.

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Papier-Mache Jack-o'-Lanterns

trio of Halloween Papier Mache jack-o-lanterns
Gemma Comas

When it comes to jack-o'-lanterns sometimes long-lasting (and less messy) is best. These grinning fools are made from tissue paper and balloon bases. Get the patterns to add the leaf accents and facial features.

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Halloween Candy Bars

Halloween owl printable wraps on candy bars
Marty Baldwin

Turn basic bars into Halloween treats. Wrap your favorite chocolate candy with orange paper, black crepe paper, and—as the crowning touch—one of our downloadable designs to give it character.

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Skeleton Fridge Magnet

printable Halloween skeleton fridge magnet
Scott Little

No bones about it—this friendly skeleton makes a spine-tingling addition to your fridge. Download our free skeleton pattern and print onto white paper. Trim and glue the bones onto black cardstock as shown. Self-adhesive magnet strips ensure he stays put.

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Halloween Cupcake Picks

candy corn Halloween cupcake picks
Marty Baldwin

Cupcakes are cute, but go from ooh to boo with these fun cupcake picks and free downloadable wrapper designs. Print the picture and attach to a dowel or toothpick to insert into your cupcake creation.

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Black-and-White Halloween Poster

quirky black and white Halloween print
Monica Buck

Add Halloween flair to ho-hum walls with this quirky poster featuring a mardi gras theme. Download our poster, enlarge to the desired size, and print. A copy center can ensure you get it as large as you need.

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