How to Make a Candy Corn Garland with Our Free Printable Stencil

This fun Halloween craft project turns into a festive holiday decoration. Have the kids help you make our sweet and easy, kid-approved paper garland.

Candy Corn DIY Halloween Garland

What You'll Need

  • Yellow cardstock
  • Orange cardstock
  • White cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Crafts glue or tape
  • Hole punch
  • Twine or ribbon

Cut Candy Corn Shapes

Use our free candy corn stencil to cut out shapes from yellow, orange, and white cardstock.

Cut the largest shape from yellow cardstock—this will be the base of each candy corn on the garland. Cut as many yellow shapes as pieces of candy corn as you'll need; it may be helpful to lay them out to get an idea of the length your garland should be.

Once you've cut as many yellow candy corn pieces as you want, cut the medium-size stencil out of orange cardstock and the smallest shape from white cardstock. You will need one yellow, orange, and white piece for each candy corn.

To attach the pieces, line up the points of the yellow and orange pieces, with the orange piece directly on top of the yellow piece, then secure with glue. Next, do the same with the white piece over the orange piece, and continue until all the pieces are attached, and you're left with several complete candy corn shapes.

Punch and String

Turn the paper candy corn pieces into a garland by hole punching each piece at the top left and right corners of each piece. Then, string the pieces together with ribbon or heavy twine and put this DIY Halloween decor on display in your home.

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