Easy Candy Corn Garland for Halloween

Candy corn's tri-color design makes an excellent decorating motif. Have your kids help you make our sweet and easy, kid-approved paper garland.

What You'll Need

  • Thin 9-inch paper plates
  • Yellow crafts paint
  • Foam brush
  • Compass (for drawing circles)
  • Scissors
  • Orange and white cardstock
  • Crafts glue
  • Hole punch
  • Black ribbon

How to Make It

  1. Paint yellow around the rim of a paper plate; fully cover at least 3 inches around the edge using the foam brush. Let dry completely.
  2. Using a compass and scissors, draw and cut a 3-inch-wide white circle and a 6-inch-wide orange circle. (For younger kids, make 3-inch-wide and 6-inch-wide circle templates for them to trace onto the cardstock and then cut out the colored circles.)
  3. Glue the orange circle to the center of the plate and then the white circle in the center of the orange circle; let dry.
  4. Once glue is dry, cut the plate in half, cut each half in half, and each quarter in half (so you end up with eight slices from one plate).
  5. Continue with more plates as needed for length of banner desired.
  6. Punch a hole at each corner of the candy corn rim (in the yellow portion) and thread a short length of black ribbon into one of the holes from the back and into the hole of another candy corn wedge from the back; knot the ends of the ribbon together. Continue to make a chain of candy corn wedges. Tie longer ribbons to the outside holes of the end wedges to use to hang the garland.


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