Creepy Coasters

With spiders dangling from the corners, these coasters dress up a Halloween table in style.

What You Need:

These coasters turn a normal room into a haunted house.
  • Tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Black crafting foam
  • Pearl white tube-style paint
  • 1/8-inch paper punch
  • Thin black elastic cord
  • Black plastic spiders


1. Download the free pattern for this project (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software).

Coaster pattern

Download Adobe Acrobat

2. Trace the pattern. Cut out the shape. Trace around the pattern as many times as desired on black foam. Cut out shapes.

3. Using paint, make an irregular spiderweb on one side of each foam web shape. Starting in the center of the web, make seven spokes that extend to the edge of the coaster. Connect the spokes with uneven lines. Let the paint dry overnight.

4. Punch one hole along the edge of each coaster. Cut a 4- to 6-inch length of elastic for each coaster. Tie one end of the elastic to a spider and then tie the other end through the punched hole in the coaster.


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