Copper-Leafed Pumpkin

Embossed copper leaves make this fall decoration stand out.

Add a stylish twist to make any pumpkin stand out from the rest. This quick and easy project makes an ideal fall decoration, and it can be adapted to any size pumpkin. All you need is some copper foil and wire and a few supplies.

See below for complete project instructions.

Materials and Tools

  • Leaf patterns (see download link below)
  • Old scissors
  • 36-gauge copper tooling foil
  • Dish towel
  • Pointed skewer
  • 20-gauge copper wire
  • Knife
  • Pumpkin

Copper Leaf pattern


Download, print, and cut out the leaf patterns. Draw around leaf shapes on copper tooling foil. Cut out leaf shapes.

To make the leaf veins, first place the leaves on a dish towel. Using the pattern as a guide, make vein impressions using a skewer.

Cut four 14-inch lengths of wire. Wrap wire lengths around the skewer and remove. Pull apart as desired to make curlicues.

Cut two slits, each about 1 inch long, next to the pumpkin stem. Insert one tip of each leaf into a slit. Shape leaves as desired.

Twist the ends of the wire spirals together and press into pumpkin near where the leaves are inserted.

Variations: To adapt this project to smaller pumpkins, trace inside the leaf cutouts and cut them to a smaller size.


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