Make a Braided Spiderweb

Get spooky this season with an adorable braided spiderweb. Perfect for indoor or outdoor decorating, this festive Halloween craft is easy and budget friendly.

With just three materials, this easy Halloween craft is perfect for decorating on a dime. We love that it can be displayed inside or outside (although we recommend bringing the web inside on rainy days). To make this craft extra spooky, add clip-on plastic spiders for a finishing touch.

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halloween web decoration

What You'll Need

  • Thick white yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Yardstick or measuring tape

Step 1: Braid

spider web decoration

Before you start braiding, determine how wide you want the finished product to be; it is helpful if you have a space in mind where the web will hang. When you have a measurement, cut nine pieces of yarn one foot longer than your measurement; if you want the finished web to fill a 5-foot space, cut nine 6-foot pieces. Tape three strands of yarn together at the top, and braid the length of the strands. Repeat with the other three pieces so you finish with three long braids. Lay out the three braids so that they cross in the middle, making sure there is equal space between each strand. Hot glue the strands together in the middle.

Step 2: Arrange web

spider web decoration

Once the frame of your web is attached in the center, add connecting pieces to complete the web. Choose a braid and measure about six inches out from the center; make a mark here. Do the same on each of the other braids. Continue making marks at six-inch intervals until you've marked out sections all the way to the end of the web. To form the cross sections of the web, cut single strands of yarn so the ends match up with the marks you've made (this will create concentric circles) or use one long strand to create a spiral pattern.

Step 3: Glue

spider web decoration

When you have the first layer of single strands cut and placed, hot glue each into place. Keep in mind that the side of the web you're attaching the strands to will become the back; try to keep the edges of the yarn directly in the center of each braid, so they won't be visible from the front. Continue cutting and gluing strands every six inches until you reach the end of the braids. If you're working with one continuous strand, keep gluing every six inches until you run out of room, then cut the end and secure with glue.

When the web form is complete, use hooks, nails, or outdoor tape to hang this fun outdoor Halloween decoration. We recommend only displaying the web on dry days.

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