21 Easy Halloween Bat Decorations to Try This Year

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halloween brick fireplace mantel artwork names bats candles
Photo: Jay Wilde

Welcome eerie nocturnal bats to your home this Halloween with these DIY decorations. Our Halloween craft ideas are easy to create and will delight kids and adults alike during the spookiest holiday season. Just choose a batty paper decoration for your own nocturnal nightmare before Halloween!

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DIY Paper Bat Garland

halloween mantle decorations and garland
Carson Downing

This Halloween mantel decoration is ready to take flight! To make your own, cut bats from our free Halloween pattern, then string them together along twine. To add an extra touch of creativity, string black wooden beads between each paper bat.

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Paper Mantel Bats

halloween brick fireplace mantel artwork names bats candles
Jay Wilde

Cover your mantel with swarms of Halloween bats and crows for an eerie yet simple decoration. These all-black Halloween crafts combined with metallic candlesticks will set a minimalist mood for the season.

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Halloween Party Photo Booth for Kids

young kids halloween window curtains photo props
Anthony Masterson

Design a Halloween photo booth that will delight kids at your trick-or-treat gathering. Use a tension rod (a simple shower curtain rod will do the trick) to hang orange and white curtains, tie them off, then adorn the display with a black patterned banner. To complete the photo-ready look, add paper bats to the backdrop and add party props.

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Bat-Shape Halloween Favor Box

going batty favor box filled with treats
Jay Wilde

Send your Halloween trick-or-treaters off with a spooky DIY bat box filled with a small gift or candy. Download our paper bat favor-box template, available below, and print onto white cardstock. Fold the top of the box and interlock the bat wings in the slits to complete this Halloween gift.

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Batty Front Porch Doormat

batty front porch doormat
Steven Randazzo

Why spend a lot of money on a Halloween doormat to welcome trick-or-treaters when you can make this one quickly and inexpensively? Just embellish a coir doormat ($6, Walmart) using tape and spray paint for this easy-to-make craft.

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Halloween Silhouette Lanterns

lantern moon and bat silhouettes
Monica Buck

Spooky silhouettes are illuminated by flickering candlelight in these haunting Halloween lanterns. Embellish glass lanterns with shadowy silhouette patterns. To make, create Halloween-themed silhouettes, like flying bats or a moon and stars. Trace your spooky patterns onto the backside of vinyl or self-adhesive shelf liner. Cut out the shapes and adhere to the lanterns.

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Bat Silhouettes Window Display

bat silhouettes window display
Kim Cornelison

Haunt your house—or at least your windows—with kid-friendly paper bats flying every which way. Cut several sizes of Halloween bats from black poster board or card stock. Tape fishing line at different spots on the backs and heads; hang the lines from a curtain rod or cup hooks.

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Going Batty Sconce

tall black candles with black accent decor
Cameron Sadeghpour

This shelf bracket-turned-sconce will shed new light on your Halloween decor. A poster-board bat, supported by a dowel and candle holder, takes flight. Dim the lights, and let the candlelight glow set a moody vibe. Use this Halloween craft idea to inspire easy bat decorations all around your home.

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Nocturnal Creatures Centerpiece

white pumpkins painted with rats and bats
Ed McCann

Add creepy, winged creatures to your Halloween table with this easy project. Make over small white pumpkins by attaching paper bats with floral wire, then arrange them in the center of your table for a Halloween decoration that will span the whole season.

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Spooky Nook

corner nook with chairs and modern halloween decor
Jay Wilde

A few inexpensive card stock bats transform even the smallest spaces into eerie Halloween haunts. To get the look, use removable adhesive dots to place the bats on the wall. Stagger them so it looks like the creatures have taken flight.

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Festive Front Porch

Paper Lanterns and Bats
Cameron Sadeghpour

Oversize paper lanterns are the star of this Halloween front porch. Choose an assortment of sizes and colors to add visual interest. Hang several of them from the ceiling and accent them with large black paper bats ($9, Walmart).

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Orange Luminaria Halloween Candle

orange luminaria halloween candle with white pumpkin
Greg Scheidemann

Add a warm glow to your Halloween party by attaching black paper bats to an inexpensive clear glass candle holder with double-stick tape. Then cover the entire unit with orange glassine. The spooky Halloween bats appear to be flying right at you!

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Bat Medallion

bat-adorned tissue paper medallion
Anders Ruff

Add a bat-themed paper medallion to your Halloween party to set a spooky scene. This Halloween craft is ideal as a festive wall display or as the eye-catching center of your bobbing-for-apples bucket. Ask kids to make multiple paper Halloween crafts, then hang them around the house for a crinkled decoration.

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Batty Bowl of Fun

pumpkin face bucket with bat wings
Greg Scheidemann

For a simple way to serve party treats to your Halloween guests, add bat wings to an orange plastic pumpkin bucket. This Halloween decoration adds a creative touch for kids' to complete in the hours before your party!

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Paper Halloween Treat Bags

terrifying treat bags with paper ghosts and bats
Greg Scheidemann

The Halloween goodies inside these paper treat bags will help distract little guests from getting spooked by the sight of bats and ghosts hanging in tree branches. To make, simply glue glittered bats ($8, Walmart) to plain white paper bags.

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Artwork Makeover

bat wall decor and pillows in living room
Jay Wilde

Give your existing artwork a spooky seasonal makeover. Arrange bats in a variety of sizes around an existing piece of art. Gently bend the bat's wings so they appear to be lifting right off the wall!

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String Art Pumpkin

moon bat pumpkin décor outside
Scott Little

Instead of carving a pumpkin, try making seasonal string art! Paint an orange bat on a white pumpkin. Once dry, outline the shape with small nails. Wrap the string around the nails in random patterns until the design is full.

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Paper Bat Wreath

diy bat halloween wreath on orange door
Greg Scheidemann

This hanging bat wreath adds an extra creep factor to your front door. To make, simply use our free template to fold black paper into flying bat shapes. Attach them to a simple grapevine wreath form using hot glue.

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Batwing Chair Decoration

Pumpkins carved to look like bats
Adam Albright

Perch these carved pumpkin bats on the front porch and prepare for the screams. To make, secure cut felt wings and ears with toothpicks. Etch out eyes and stick with red pins ($6, Michaels) to finish the look. Up the scare factor even more with a coat of black paint.

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Bat Pumpkins

pumpkin bats porch décor halloween
Kate Sears

Give a handful of white pumpkins an eerie makeover with painted black bats. Starting with the largest bats, paint a few on the foremost pumpkin. Gradually decrease the painted bat size and arrange the pumpkins so the smallest bats are in the back.

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Metallic Bat

bat pumpkin décor
Adam Albright

A handful of gold screws from the hardware store are all you need to create this bat pumpkin. Trace a simple bat pattern on a pumpkin. Instead of carving, drill in screws until the outline is filled.

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