Argyle How-To

Create a great argyle look any place you want to add a little preppy pep.


-- WallPops by Brewster Home Fashions ( 2 packages 13-inch-square, Orange "Blox" and 1 package, 6-1/2x16-inch Black Jack "Stripes"

-- Straightedge

-- Crafts knife


1. Find the center on one side of a repositionable "Blox." With a straightedge and crafts knife, cut from that center to the two adjacent corners creating a triangle. Repeat to create six triangles. Starting in the center of the wall space where you want to display the pattern, stick one triangle to the wall (center point facing down). Add a second triangle (center point facing up), positioning the bases together to create a diamond. Repeat on each side of the first diamond so the three diamonds touch to create the argyle pattern.

2. Cut the "Stripes" rectangle into 6-1/2x1/4-inch strips. Cut the backing every inch to create the stitch pattern (do not cut through the front). Remove every other piece of backing strip. Using our photo as a guide, position the strips over the orange diamond; press into place. With a small scissors, cut and remove the pieces with the backing still on them to create the stitch pattern. Repeat to place all stitched lines in your pattern.


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