Top New Costumes for Women

Whether you want to look spooky or sweet this Halloween, these costume ideas will help you dress to impress.

Queen of Atlantis

Become an underwater sea queen in this sophisticated costume.

Gorilla in the Midst

Channel your inner damsel in distress with this funny costume inspired by King Kong.

Luscious Ladybug

This ladybug is hard to miss in her a flashy red-and-black ensemble.


This perennial Halloween favorite also works well with a group, so enlist some pals to dress up as other Wizard of Oz characters.


Travel back to the roaring '20s and dance the night away in this plus-size fashionable flapper costume!


Classic Scooby Doo character Daphne always looks good solving mysteries.

Go-Go Girl

Show off those 1960s dance moves in a mod mini this Halloween.

Marilyn Monroe

Get plenty of attention as an iconic blonde bombshell in this classic white dress.

Lady Maverick

Catch the cowboys' eyes this Halloween in this plus-size saloon girl getup!


Board games are a great addition to any Halloween party, and this costume is perfect for getting the party started.

Vixen Pirate

This sassy pirate will make you walk the plank if you don't follow orders.

Statue of Liberty

This green statue doesn't look a day over 122 years old as she stands majestically over Ellis Island.

Candy Corn Witch

This sassy costume will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Grecian Goddess

Bring gods and mere mortals to their knees with your presence in this pretty dress.

Classic Witch

Fly off into the night and cast spells on fellow partygoers in this plus-size traditional witch costume.

Wonder Woman

This stunning superhero stops villains dead in their tracks.

Deluxe Nun

Bring some commonsense and stability this Halloween as a nun dressed in a traditional habit.

Queen Bee

Everyone will be buzzing about this attention-grabbing, flirty costume!

Nightmare Black Widow

This black widow spider dressed in a red-and-black patterned dress is almost too much poison to handle.

Snow White

Land a prince with this royal Halloween ensemble -- but beware of poison apples!


This horror movie costume shows that you can be sexy and scary at the same time.


Mesmerize everyone at the Halloween party with your alluring beauty in this plus-size geisha costume.

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