Top New Costumes for Men

From popular movie characters to hilarious new costume ideas, these costumes for men are a sure fit for any Halloween party.

Batman, Dark Knight

The Dark Knight returns this Halloween to face the villains of Gotham as he tries to protect the city and its citizens in his muscular bat suit.

Chick Magnet

The ladies won't be able to stay away when they see you in this "attractive" costume!

Disco Man

Boogie on down to the nearest dance floor this Halloween, and show off your best '70s dance moves.

Magical Tooth Fairy

This funny and frazzled tooth fairy is sick of getting second glances.

Indiana Jones

Grab your fedora and uncover ancient ruins in this adventurous Halloween costume.


Recreate the mythology of Hercules with this plus-size costume's handsome armor.

Oops, I Ate It Again

Poke fun at a pop star in this satirical schoolgirl costume.

Barrel of Monkeys

There's a lot of monkeying around in this fun, primate-inspired costume.


Zoinks! You'll be a hit at any Halloween party as this Scooby Doo character.


This Halloween, protect your friends from things that go bump in the night in this plus-size Hellboy costume.

Kissing Booth

All he wants is a little love and affection. Is that too much to ask for?

Beer Keg

Dispense drinks and become the life of the Halloween party in this intoxicating costume.

Uncle Sam

Be patriotic while trick-or-treating in this Uncle Sam attire.

Beer Man

This inebriated superhero delivers his drinks faster than a speeding bullet -- and always come stocked with more beverages in case of emergencies.

Evil Jester

Terrify your friends with spine-tingling jokes in this plus-size evil jester costume.


Dressing as a man of God in this plus-size priest costume will surely keep those monsters away this Halloween!

Comical Cow

This cow complete with udders is ready to make people laugh so hard they'll squirt milk out of their nose.

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