Embrace your inner plant parent this Halloween with these green-themed costumes. Whether you choose your favorite flower, tree, or houseplant, you'll wear your gardening passion on your sleeve.

By Jenny Krane

Celebrate your love of gardening this Halloween with a garden-themed costume! Whether you want to dress as your favorite flower or foliage, one of these costume ideas is sure to tickle your garden fancy.

You know you're a crazy plant lady when you dress up as a houseplant—but we love it! @abeautifulmess created an adorable costume with cardboard and paint. The pot was painted to look like terra-cotta, and wavy leaves were created out of cardboard to create the look of a snake plant. Just throw on a green shirt and you're good to go.

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Become a beautiful tree for this Halloween. Dress in brown clothes to become the tree's trunk, and wrap your arms and torso with vines of faux foliage. Create a crown like @laigalid's with curly willow branches with and without leaves on them.

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You have your favorite flower—let yourself go all out this Halloween and make it into a costume. This Etsy shop created a stunning fabric that can be worn as a cape or skirt and looks like a violet petunia. Roses and pansy capes are also available.

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Take your love of houseplants to a new level this fall. Follow @samdelao's lead and dress as your favorite houseplant. We love her pilea-inspired costume, complete with a white dress to imitate a pot.

A little bit of white yarn can transform a green dress into the cylindrical trunk of a saguaro cactus. Top off the costume with a green beanie. Make tissue paper flowers for cactus blossoms to attach to your wrists and hat.

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