Milky Milk Shake

Bring out your bubbly personality with this fun milk shake costume.

Made from metallic vinyl, the drinking glass is supported by a plastic laundry basket. The balloon bubbles and striped mailing-tube straw add the perfect finishing touches to this silly Halloween wear.

What You Need:

Not all Halloween costumes are frightening. Click to enlarge.
  • 63x40-inch piece of metallic vinyl (available in the upholstery section of fabric stores)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Round plastic laundry basket
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Shoestrings or ribbon
  • White mailing tube1-inch-wide
  • Bright pink ribbon
  • Clear and white balloons
  • Curling ribbon


1. On the back side of the vinyl, draw a line 2 inches from one long edge. On the same long edge, draw a line every 3-1/2 inches from the edge of the vinyl to the 2-inch mark. Cut along these markings.

2. Cut the bottom out of the laundry basket. Leaving the top rim intact, cut holes on opposite sides for armholes.

3. With the clipped edge at the top, wrap the vinyl piece around the basket to form a drinking glass. Hot-glue the clipped edge to the inside of the basket rim. Leave the back seam open so the person wearing the costume can sit down. Cut round armholes in the vinyl where the laundry basket holes were cut.

4. Tie the shoestrings or ribbon to the inside of the basket to act as shoulder straps. Try on the costume and adjust as necessary.

5. To make the straw, hot-glue one bright pink ribbon end to the inside edge of the mailing tube. Wrap ribbon diagonally around the tube to create a continuous stripe. Cut the ribbon. Glue the end inside the tube.

6. For bubbles, inflate several balloons. Tie the balloons to the top of the costume with curling ribbon as desired.


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