Latest Costumes for Adults

Make this Halloween a memorable one by getting in on the season's most popular costume picks.

Jack Sparrow

Pirates are ultra-hot this Halloween and big screen plunderer Jack Sparrow is the pinnacle of piracy. Belt buckles, flowing sashes, a bandanna, and a hat are the hallmarks of this pirate's look. Captain Jack Sparrow is available at and other retailers.

Elizabeth Swan: Geisha

Embark on adventure in Elizabeth Swann's geisha gown from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. The costume includes the colorful kimono and headpiece. Elizabeth Swann is available at and other retailers.


With the prime-time TV show Cavemen premiering just weeks before Halloween, expect to see plenty of humorous homo sapiens hitting the streets this year. This mask makes for a very versatile costume since you choose your own clothing. Caveman mask is available at and other retailers.

Bewitchingly Good Witch

When it comes to sheer style, this witch will have you under her spell. This costume combines black, a staple for witches, with sheer sections of purple and green. A distinctive witch hat sets her apart from other women in black this Halloween. Bewitchingly Good Witch is available at and other retailers.

Davy Jones

Heads up, matey! Captain Jack Sparrow's nautical nemesis Davy Jones is sailing into a port near you this Halloween. Davy's disguise consists of a shirt/jacket, sash, and mask. Davy Jones is available at and other retailers.

Princess Fiona

The popularity of the funny fairy-tale flick Shrek the Third makes Princess Fiona a top pick among female fans this Halloween. Outfit yourself in Fiona's favorite blue dress and a headpiece featuring her trademark ogre ears. Princess Fiona is available at and other retailers.


The mythical Greek hero Hercules is ready to defend his honor this Halloween. In his tunic, body armor, and cape, Hercules cuts a dashing figure -- and you can too. A headband, sandals, and wrist cuffs complete his look. Hercules is available at and other retailers.

Queen Gorgo

Here's your chance to live (or at least dress) like royalty as the Spartan queen from the movie 300. Accessorize her slinky white dress with gold cuffs and strappy sandals. Queen Gorgo is available at and other retailers.

300 Spartan

Fans of the epic battle film 300 will line up to enlist in King Leonidas' cause. An ancient soldier's helmet, spear, and sword are the perfect accessories to Spartan's muscle-bound body. 300 Spartan is available at and other retailers.

Pirate Lady

In this swashbuckling fashion (an update on the traditional skirt) you'll be ready for any high-seas adventure. A lace collar and patterned burgundy jacket are among the stylish details of this costume.
Elegant Pirate Lady is available at and other retailers.

Evil Jester

This joker sure is so scary it's not even funny! The signature horned hat with bells is required wear for this evil entertainer. Evil Jester is available at and other retailers.

Glitter Mermaid

The catch of the day: This glam mermaid costume that will win raves with sailors and landlubbers alike. A sequined halter top and scaly skirt are the perfect choice for any wannabe mermaid. Glitter Mermaid is available at and other retailers.


Battling Spider-Man for popularity this Halloween? Evil Venom, one of Spidey's most ferocious foes. A big silver bat on the chest of Venom's muscled top helps distinguish his attire from Spider-Man's. Venom is available at and other retailers.

Mother Superior

Your prayers have been answered! This nun's habit makes a great solo or group costume. A long black dress and black-and-white headpiece are the essential elements. Finish off your ensemble with white gloves and a large cross necklace. Mother Superior Nun is available at and other retailers.

Killer B

Why all the buzz about this costume? Bee-cause it's clever and comical. So if you have a last-minute boo bash, grab your plastic knife and throw on this alphabet tunic. Killer B is available at and other retailers.


Groovy Daphne, one of the stars of the classic Scooby-Doo series, is ready to investigate any haunted happenings this Halloween. Imitate Daphne's sassy sleuth style in a purple minidress, calf-high boots, and a green silky scarf. Daphne is available at and other retailers.

Edward Scissorhands

This sensitive snipper still boasts a loyal following more than a decade after his movie debuted. Scissor-hand gloves, a black wig, and black shirt with straps combine to create the pruner's unique Goth vibe. Edward Scissorhands is available at and other retailers.

Snow White

Whether you've already found your prince or are holding out hope that someday he'll come, this classic fairy-tale look is for you. Portray the pretty princess in this multicolored gown with red cape and hair bow. Snow White is available at and other retailers.

Captain Cutthroat

Transform yourself into a fierce pirate by donning Captain Cutthroat's jacket, shirt, waist sash, boot covers, and headpiece with wig. Captain Cutthroat is available at and other retailers.

Princess Leia

Even though there's no new Stars Wars movie in theaters this year, Princess Leia remains one of the most popular costume choices in the galaxy. Leia's look is simple: A simple white dress accented with a silver belt and white boots. Just slip on the wig to get Leia's trademark buns. Princess Leia is available at and other retailers.

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