Bust out your face paint and fake lashes—it’s time to party! 

By Andrea Crowley
October 24, 2019

This year, don't limit your Halloween disguise to the physical costume. According to Pinterest's 2019 Pinfrights report, Halloween makeup ideas are trending more than 1,000%—and the images are incredible. Whether you plan to trick-or-treat around the neighborhood or you're looking for the perfect grown-up Halloween costume, we've rounded up some of our favorite ideas to help you find the right look.

With more than 4.7 million posts tagged with the hashtag #halloweenmakeup, it's clear Instagram users agree with Pinterest's trend report—and we can't stop scrolling through all of the inspiration.

Typically, we associate Halloween makeup with things like fake zombie bites or other faux injuries, but there are some gorgeous makeup tutorials available that can help you transform into something not-so-scary. Our favorite part is that these looks speak for themselves. With makeup this elaborate, you can skip the costume entirely and don a simple all-black outfit that will let your face take the spotlight. Some of these looks can even be carried down through your neck and arms for a truly spectacular look.

Using inspiration from pop culture icons like David Bowie, Bob Ross, and Stranger Things, we’ve gathered some of the best creative and trending makeup ideas. If you’re going for a more subtle version, don’t worry; we’ve also included ideas for classic animal costumes like a deer, a leopard, and a bumblebee.

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Happy Little Trees

This Halloween we're taking inspiration from our favorite painter: Bob Ross. While you could certainly dress like the man himself—curly wig and all—we like the idea of dressing like one of his paintings. Use face paint to create a scene of trees, mountains, or a sunrise on your face, then don a simple black dress that allows your artwork to speak for itself. Bonus points if you recruit someone else to accompany you as Bob!


Leopard print is back, and this Halloween, we’re going all in. Pair that favorite LBD with some cat ears, then complete the look using black and gold face paint and a little bit of glitter. Cat eyes are a must!

Disney Channel

Calling all millennials—this one’s for you! Bring back the nostalgia of those Disney Channel days with a magic wand-inspired look made famous by stars like Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus. This rainbow version is sure to turn heads.

Party Animal

Introducing your go-to animal look, but with a punny twist. Take a cue from Lauren Conrad and her crew and turn your usual Halloween costume into a party animal, complete with drawn-on whiskers, furry ears, and a cocktail in hand. Add a simple side braid and keep the rest of the look minimal. 


This beehive makeup idea is equal parts edgy and sweet. Create the honeycomb effect using a black pencil liner, yellow eye shadow, and a dusting of gold glitter. Black lips give it a bold finish.

Rock Star

Pay homage to the iconic British rocker David Bowie with his signature Aladdin Sane look. This version swaps red for shimmering hot pink, thanks to some creamy face paint and liquid gloss. Flowing 70s-inspired locks take this costume over the top. Complete the look with a rose gold metallic jacket and a black choker necklace. 

Celestial Unicorn

Just when you thought unicorns couldn’t get any dreamier, this ultraviolet version captures the galaxy in the blink of an eye. Use white liquid liner over fuschia face paint to give it a glowy effect. Finish with an embellished unicorn horn headpiece. 

Whether you need a last-minute costume or you're planning to dress up with your pet, these makeup ideas will help you get in the holiday spirit. Start with one of our favorite concealers, stock up on Amazon's best-selling mascara (it's under $5!), and start creating your look. Don't forget to grab a good makeup remover too—your skin will thank you at the end of the night.


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