Top Halloween Costumes for Men

Dress up for a Halloween gathering in one of this season's trendiest costumes.

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    Superman/Clark Kent Shirt

    Reveal your secret identity this Halloween and let the real you shine through with this fun and creative costume!

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    Tony Montana

    Don't mess with this guy! One of the most popular Hollywood mob characters of all time, this guy means business!

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    Male Pirate Deluxe

    Ahoy, mateys! 2006 is definitely the Year of the Pirate! And this savvy sailor is the perfect costume for celebrating!

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    Chick Magnet

    The ladies won't be able to stay away when they see you in this "attractive" costume!

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    Lost Dog

    It's always the last place you look, isn't it? This hilarious costume is sure to be a hit at your Halloween party -- no butts about it!

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    This creepy classic is sure to be a Hollywood Horror icon! Friends will scream with delight at the sight of you in this dressed to kill costume!

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    Big Daddy

    This guy's on the prowl -- and it's not for Halloween candy! Accessorize these fun "daddy" duds with crazy costume jewelry, fake cigar, and cool cane!

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    Prisoner Man

    Looks like somebody won't be going too far to do their trick-or-treating this Halloween! Watch out! This crazy convict could be coming to your neighborhood!

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    Beer Keg

    What's a costume party without a keg of beer? Be the hit of the night with this crazy costume that's sure to become a party essential. Beer goggles not included.

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    Shrek 2 Characters

    Whether you favor Princess Fiona or the big green ogre himself, celebrate the success of the much-loved Shrek films.

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    Just because you can't really scale tall buildings doesn't mean that you have to give up your dream of being Spider-man. Suit up as the ever-popular superhero.

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    Darth Vader

    Forget witches, ghosts, and goblins -- Darth Vader is the ultimate Halloween villain.

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    Batman is back and better than ever!

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    Mr. Fantastic

    No need to hit the gym. Just climb into this muscle-bound Mr. Fantastic suit and you'll be plenty pumped up!

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    Kissing Booth

    Evoke a carnival atmosphere by hitting the Halloween party circuit as an adorable kissing booth.

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    Roman Soldier

    The epic film, Troy, starring heartthrobs Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, has sparked the popularity of the Greek and Roman soldier look.

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    Power Rangers

    Be the coolest parent on the block dressed as one of the popular Power Rangers.

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    Tropical Tourist

    Show off your sense of humor dressed as the kind of clueless tourist we all love to laugh at!

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