Costumes for Couples and Groups

Checkout these costumes for the whole gang.

There's safety in numbers -- especially on the most ghoulish night of the year! And what could be more fun than celebrating Halloween with your spouse, family, or friends in one of these great group getups? You're sure to be the hit of any party or costume parade.

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Flash back to the era of soda shops and sock hops by dressing as this super-cool clique. A group of girlfriends or a mother and daughters can easily impersonate Sandy, Rizzo, Frenchy, and Marty. The necessary gear: black capri or ankle-length pants, white shirts, and the signature pink jackets. Chances are you have the pants and tops in your own closet. Check out thrift shops for pink jackets you can personalize with "The Pink Ladies" on the back and your character's name on the front. No luck? Hit a costume store for ready-to-wear options. For true '50s flair, knot a scarf around your neck or tie one in your hair.

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You won't make any friends at the ASPCA, but you can have a wicked good time portraying one of Disney's best-known villains. No Cruella is complete without a litter of adorable Dalmatians (they can be adults or kids). Hit the Disney store for the full Cruella and Dalmatian costumes, or raid your closet for the basics and add store-bought accessories. For Cruella, find a black dress, black stockings, and black shoes. Then buy or borrow a Cruella-esque white fur coat and her distinctive half black/half white wig. The puppies can create their look by wearing white sweat suits with black construction paper circles attached randomly as spots. Loosely tie red ribbons around their necks to look like dog collars. Purchase puppy dog ears and a tail, and use blackface makeup to darken your nose and draw whiskers.

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Here's a family that only comes out at night! Up the fear factor this Halloween by dressing as a frightening vampire clan. The look: black capes and fangs for the whole family. Your local costume store will have all the capes, wigs, and other accessories you'll need to scare up an excellent costume. The finishing touch: Use white face paint to make your skin eerily pale.

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Little Bo Peep, find some sheep! For a great group costume, dress like Bo Peep and gather some friends (as few or as many as you would like) to play the sheep. This dainty country girl needs a long, pastel-colored dress and a bonnet that ties under the chin. You can buy this costume or stitch up your own. Another key prop is her shepherd's staff for herding her flock. A shortcut for the sheep: Buy matching costumes online or at your local costume shop. Or, do it yourself by gluing fluffy, white batting onto white pants and a white hooded sweat shirt. Not baaad!


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