Blockbuster Movie Costumes for the Whole Family

Get out the popcorn! Kids, adults, and even pets will love costumes that let them dress up as movie-inspired characters this Halloween.

Indiana Jones

With the 2008 adventure film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, this explorer is a top contender for the most popular costume on Halloween.

Lil Guppy

Babies will look ready to swim away in this cuddly clownfish costume inspired by the lead character in Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo.

Transformer Bumblebee

Boys can go from everyday kids into high-tech robots -- instantly -- with this Transformers costume.

Wizard of Oz characters

Whether you want to be the Wicked Witch or the Tin Man, there's something for everyone with these classic Wizard of Oz costumes.

Iron Man

Boys will enjoy becoming one of most popular superheroes of the year with a costume of Marvel's legendary Iron Man.

Disney Characters

From Toy Story to Peter Pan, these Disney-inspired costumes will make Halloween memorable for both parents and kids.

Cowardly Lion

Let your favorite doggie show that it does, indeed, "have the nerve," in this miniature Cowardly Lion costume inspired by The Wizard of Oz.


Men will enjoy using their superhuman power to fight evil villains in this larger-than-life costume inspired by the movie Hellboy.

Batman Dark Knight

Forget "sit" and "fetch" -- this superhero pup will be busy saving the world from the Joker.


The whole family can save the world with these larger-than-life costumes inspired by superheroes!

Anakin Skywalker

With the summer's animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars, many boys will be clamoring for the latest Anakin Skywalker gear.

Star Wars Characters

Friends, family, and pets will feel the force with these Star Wars costumes.

The Incredible Hulk

Boys will be seeing green in this incredible costume from this summer's mega-hit The Incredible Hulk!

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