Need a last-minute Halloween costume? We've got you covered. You'll be the talk of the party in these fast and fabulous costume ideas that can be pulled together in no time.

By BH&G Holiday Editors
Updated July 02, 2019

Just got invited to an impromptu Halloween party and need a costume for tonight? No problem! Here are seven quick and easy adult Halloween costume ideas you can make. The best part: You probably already own most of the items you'll need.

1. Salt and Pepper

Spice up your Halloween night with this adorable costume for two. To create, simply dress in black and white. Attach felt dots to a chefs hat and finish with a felt letter. This trendy Halloween costume couldn't be easier!

What You Probably Already Have: White and black clothing and shoes.

What You Might Need to Get: Felt (to cut out the letters), a gray chefs hat (available at restaurant supply stores or online).

2. Candy Buttons

This DIY Halloween candy costume is sweet. Plastic egg halves on white cardstock create this candy-coated Halloween costume that's filled with nostalgia.

What You Probably Already Have: A long-sleeve white shirt, white pants, and white flat shoes.

What You Might Need to Get: Colorful plastic egg halves, two sheets of cardstock. Attach ribbon to the top and hang over your shoulders.

3. Wicked Witch

Ditch the broom and dress up as a classy witch this Halloween. This easy Halloween costume starts with a simple black cocktail dress.

What You Probably Already Have: A little black dress.

What You Might Need to Get: A black witch's hat and a shawl. For the shawl, use a large scarf and attach around your neck with a vintage brooch or clip. This witch costume can be customized with any colors you like.

4. Fitness Instructor

Get in touch with your athletic side by dressing as an aerobics instructor. Bonus: Burning a few extra calories as you show off your moves will help make up for all those leftover Halloween candy desserts you're going to eat!

What You Probably Already Have: Sneakers, athletic socks, sweatpants or leggings, a T-shirt and/or a sports bra.

What You Might Need to Get: A sweatband or bandanna for around your forehead, a blow-up or plastic set of dumbbells. Scout out a curly wig to go as fitness guru Richard Simmons (be sure to substitute striped nylon shorts and a sleeveless shirt for the outfit above).

5. Miss America

This is a great shortcut costume because when else would you ever wear that old bridesmaid or prom dress again? Now's your chance to whip it out and strut your stuff. Be sure to tell everyone that you hope for world peace. Bonus points if you actually have a talent for the talent competition.

What You Probably Already Have: An old formal dress from a prom, wedding, or another affair, and high-heeled shoes.

What You Might Need to Get: A glittery tiara (you can pick one up at a party store or accessory shop) and a pageant sash. Make your own sash by cutting fabric into a long strip and writing Miss America on it in glitter. Pick up an inexpensive fresh or fake bouquet to carry.

6. Mad Scientist

This last-minute Halloween costume is as easy as putting on a lab coat. It works well for adults, but it also makes a creative Halloween costume for kids! Carry a few plastic beakers and recite scientific facts to other party guests to complete your look.

What You Probably Already Have: Keep your outfit simple under the lab coat. We recommend wearing black. Add safety goggles and yellow rubber gloves.

What You Might Need to Get: A simple white lab coat. Try looking online or in hardware stores. Customize this last-minute Halloween costume with a fun name tag or iron-on patch.

7. Dapper Gentleman

This Halloween costume is all about looking sharp! Simply dress up a suit with black accents and prepare to be the best dressed at the Halloween party.

What You Probably Already Have: A gray or black suit.

What You Might Need to Get: Add a black tie and black pocket square to complete the elegant costume. You're ready for a black-tie affair.

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October 21, 2018
If you have to go out at the last minute to a party store or other, you might as well pick up a costume? Happy Halloween