Halloween Costumes

Be the best-dressed at every Halloween party with our classic and inventive Halloween costumes. Send your kids trick-or-treating in style with our creative Halloween costume ideas -- from a circus acrobat to Jack and the Beanstalk, we have tons of Halloween costumes that are easy to make. Get some inspiration for your grown-up Halloween get-up -- from pirates and flappers to Renaissance attire, we've got the most popular Halloween costume ideas that are sure to be a hit at any Halloween party. Batman, a "chick magnet," and Superman all top our list of Halloween costume ideas for men -- it takes only a quick trip to the costume store to pick up one of these cool costumes. A white dress, blonde wig, and strappy heels is all women need for a Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume, but we have more costume ideas for women that are sure to catch your interest, such as a Snow White or go-go girl outfit. Don't want to buy a costume? Use things you already have with our last-minute costume ideas, including a tacky tourist, an aerobics instructor, and a paparazzo.

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Don't wait for a full moon to transform your trick-or-treater into a howling wolf—this no-sew Halloween costume comes together in under two hours!