Spider webs, skulls, and psychics, oh my! Give your home some Halloween spirit with spooky decor for your next bewitched bash.

By Taylor Borde

Thirsty Jack-O'-Lanterns

Trade in the plastic cups for these cackling jack-o'-lantern jars. They were made to host your favorite Halloween brew.

Jack-o'-Lantern Drinking Jars

Price: $39

Ghastly Gallery

Add a touch of supernatural essence to your gallery wall with this vintage psychic sign, offering fortunes told and questions answered. Your future looks bright with this artful addition.

Madame Zaltana Halloween Wall Art

Price: $55

Drink Up Witches

Remind your coven to drink the cauldron dry with this festive sign. The black and gold background makes it fitting for any All Hallows' Eve gathering.

'Drink Up Witches' Box Sign

Price: $24.99

Haunted House

This daunting curtain will instantly makes your home feel like a haunted mansion. Dangling spider webs and shredded curtains make guests wonder what sinister thing lurks outside?

Silvery Spooky Curtain

Price: $29.95

Death Grip

Greet your guests with goodies from this deadly dish, but warn them to watch out for the claws! If the claws grab on, your guests may never be able to leave.

Halloween Tall Crow Feet Candy Bowl

Price: $10

Talking Heads

This metallic skull set will send chills through the party. If you pay close enough attention, you might catch them chattering through the night.

Metallic Skulls Set of 3

Price: $29.97

Wicked Wreath

Invite the ghouls and ghosts in with this barren black wreath of creepily entwined petrified branches.

Black Branch Wreath

Price: $49.95

Playful Pillows

This pillow is sure to raise some spirits. Liven up the party with punny Halloween phrases and pictures on every couch.

Halloween Pillow Covers

Price: $29

Painted Pumpkin

Not every Halloween decoration needs to rattle your bones. Let this traditional black-and-white pumpkin grace your table or mantel throughout the scary season for a sophisticated touch.

Courtly Stripe Mini Pumpkin

Price: $42

Sophisticated Skulls

Deck out your mantel with spooky skulls and devilish bats to set a mysterious mood. This oversize scarf adds elegance to any frightening festivity with its detailed patterns and fringed border.

Skull Mantle Scarf

Price: $14.99

Eerie Entrance

This aged banner creates an eerie air for all who dare to enter. Beware of the spiders creeping from every corner.

Happy Halloween Banner

Price: $29.50

Dim the Lights

Capture the true nature of Halloween under candlelight. This tarnished candelabra, along with its watchful raven, reveals all of the beasts skulking in the night.

Raven Collection Candelabra

Price: $27.99



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