10 Hauntingly Easy Halloween Mantel Decor Ideas

From classic to creepy, there's no shortage of inspiration in this collection of favorite Halloween mantels.

fireplace mantel with pumpkins

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When it comes to decorating your home for Halloween, finding accessories that match your existing style can be difficult. If you're looking to add a bit of festive flair to your space without going overboard, a Halloween mantel is an easy way to add seasonal appeal. Decorating one central place in your home will help you get into the spooky spirit without overcrowding every available surface. However spooky or simple you want to be this season, we have Halloween mantel decor ideas to make it happen.

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Framed Halloween Art

fall wall decor frames floating shelf

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Halloween mantels don’t have to be over the top. In fact, sometimes less is more. Start with a collection of simple frames (grab some from the thrift store or repurpose frames you already have) and add prints with a simple script or playful text.

You can DIY this Halloween craft if you have a steady hand, or look online for cheap designs and print them at home. Add a bit of color and a graphic accent like broomsticks or bats for the full Halloween effect.

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Vintage Halloween Mantel

skeleton prop in chair near halloween-styled mantel

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For a timeless look, opt for vintage Halloween decor. Inexpensive frames can be picked up from a dollar store or secondhand shop, and they easily update walls—especially if you have minimalistic decor or a neutral color palette. Make your frames stand out with a simple phrase and add some faux cobwebs around the base of the mantel to evoke all of the Addams Family feelings. If you want to go all out, add a fake skeleton or two to complete the look.

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Farmhouse Halloween Mantel

brown wood sign with a white witch painted on it, sitting on a white mantel

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If farmhouse is your preferred style, start your Halloween mantel by introducing neutral colors. Get (or make) a statement wooden witch and complement the design with white pumpkins and candles. Add white garland or string lights along the base of the mantel as well. Although this isn’t a spooky scene, it’s a simple, elegant way to welcome the fall season.

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Black-and-White Halloween Mantel

Black white fireplace Trick or Treat mantle

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Make your fireplace the focal point of your room by adding bold monochromatic decor. Use large letters (available at craft stores for a few dollars each) to spell out a spooky greeting, and accessorize with a garland or ribbon in the same color. Pair the sign with paper cobwebs and a few plastic spiders. This black-and-white combination creates a minimalist Halloween look that's festive without being scary.

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Playful Pumpkin Display

Pumpkin decor in fireplace and mirror in living room

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When it comes to Halloween mantels, pumpkins are a must. Rather than something traditional, though, step out of the box this season with a pumpkin-stuffed fireplace. First, gather pumpkins of varying sizes and paint them different shades of orange, gold, and bronze. Then, layer them so that they look like they're spilling out of your fireplace. Continue the look with a pumpkin-theme mantel display to tie the look together.

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Fall Mantel Wreath

Burgundy wreath in front of mirror above mantle

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If you’re going for elegance, ditch the traditional Halloween orange and black in favor of gold and auburn accents. Various vases in shades of yellow showcase dried seasonal grasses. Add a fall wreath to the center for a Halloween mantel that will look good all season long.

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Decorate with Giant Spiders

spiders on fireplace mantel

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Oversize decor pieces are one of the top Halloween trends this year, and what better place for an infestation of creepy-crawly giant spiders than your mantel? If you’re aiming for something spooky, these giant spiders are easy to make. Create an off-center design to give the illusion that the spiders are climbing up the wall, and add colorful pumpkins to the mantel to balance the darker hues.

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Metallic Fall Mantel

mantel with gold fall decorations

Better Homes & Gardens /Kritsada Panichgul

To make a timeless Halloween mantel, swap spiders and bats for metallic pumpkins and gourds that look good from October through December. Instead of cobwebs, add leaves in orange and red hues and bring in the brick tones from your fireplace. To complete the look, add dried leaves, acorns, and branches. You can even get creative with a cauldron as your fireplace centerpiece for a bit of witchiness without being too scary.

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Playful Halloween Mantel

halloween mantle decorations and garland

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For a playful Halloween mantel, make your own decorations. Gather paper straws in shades of orange, black, and purple, then cut them into varying sizes. String them with some fishing line and spread them across your mantel to bring in color and fun without the price tag of a purchased garland. Add a few painted pumpkins in matching colors to finish the look.

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Create a Witchy Look with Dark Colors

fireplace mantel with pumpkins

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Use shades of black, a tombstone-shaped mirror, cobwebs, and stacks of books to create your own Hocus Pocus theme this Halloween. Incorporate orange pumpkins on stacks of books for a traditional Halloween color scheme. Stretch cobwebs across the entire mantel to make everything look a bit dated and dusty. To create spell books, look for novels at the thrift store, or cover your existing collection with printed covers.

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