13 Halloween Door Decorations to Display This Spooky Season

Welcome trick-or-treaters with these festive front door ideas.

moon, stars, cats halloween door decor
Photo: Adam Albright

Spooky season is back, and that means it's time to take all the fake spiders, faux cobwebs, and scary skeletons out of storage. Welcome fall with a festive Halloween front door display that'll be the talk of the neighborhood. Get the whole family involved with a kid-friendly DIY project, or add a few simple elements to your existing decorations for a fun Halloween look without all the fuss.

For a delightfully scary look, hang a wreath covered in creepy crawly faux bugs, or opt for a pretty farmhouse-style wreath decorated with orange flowers and a seasonal phrase. Whether your holiday decorating style is scary or sophisticated, we have plenty of Halloween door decoration ideas that will easily make your home the most festive on the block.

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Halloween Front Porch

Fall ladder door decor


If you’re looking for easy Halloween door decorations, try turning some of your everyday items into statement pieces. For example, a standing ladder can easily be transformed into a cobweb-holder, a hangout for fake rats, or shelves for additional decor. Paired with some cornstalks and a few painted pumpkins, it creates a spooky touch without all the fuss. Find wooden letters at your local craft store and paint them or cover them with burlap for some texture. Use them to spell simple Halloween words like ‘eek,’ ‘boo,’ or ‘spooky.’

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Dried Grass Farmhouse Wreath

Pampas boo wreath

If your Halloween decorating style is more farmhouse than frightening, a natural wreath with subtle orange elements is the way to go. Consider one made with dried grass or wheat stalks, complete with rust or orange beads, flowers, or fruits. Add a simple word in the center (like 'boo' or 'beware') to elevate your fall wreath into a pretty Halloween decoration.

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Easy Front Door Halloween Idea

Jack-O-Lantern Door

Better Homes and Gardens / Carson Downing

One of our easiest Halloween door decoration ideas is also one of the largest. Skip the wreaths, signs, and garlands in favor of a door covering you can personalize however you like. Purchase a wide roll of felt or fabric and cut it to the size of your door, making sure to leave a cutout for the door handle. Then, use crafts paint to fill in a jack-o'-lantern design. Once it's dry, attach the hanging to your door for a quick and easy Halloween look.

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Create a Halloween Color Scheme

front door with cat cutouts and moon decor
Adam Albright

If you’re going for a fun look instead of something scary, simplify your design by creating a monochromatic color palette complete with friendly silhouettes. For this Halloween front door, bright yellow decor pops next to black cat silhouettes. Skip the scary skeletons and opt for friendly Halloween imagery like a moon wreath, stars, or owls.

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Halloween Spider Wreath

Spiral wood wreath

Better Homes and Gardens / Carson Downing

Most fall wreaths tend to fall on the traditional side. To create a more modern Halloween look, pull the strands of a grapevine wreath out to make a web-like spiral. Or DIY your own wreath with thin twigs to create a textured backdrop. Then add a giant faux spider (we made one out of hot glue and wood beads) for a bold look.

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Bright Halloween Door Decorations

candy corn wreaths on front door
Adam Albright

Halloween door decorations don’t have to be dark or spooky! Take inspiration from an iconic Halloween treat and use the colors of candy corn to decorate your front porch. Stack painted pumpkins in yellow, orange, and white in large planters, arranging them from small to large to resemble the triangular candy. Then, add a sign or wreath in the same colors to give the space a cohesive look.

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Make a Ghost Wreath

Ghost cobweb wreath

Better Homes and Gardens / Carson Downing

For a sweet and simple Halloween door decoration, create a friendly ghost wreath. Cover a plain foam or grapevine wreath with white gauze (you can usually find it at any Halloween or dollar store this time of year). Use hot glue to attach paper ghost figures, then wrap the textured material around them for quick and easy decor.

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Host a Halloween Front Porch Party

Front porch with Halloween decor
Adam Albright

While decorating your door for Halloween can be fun, there’s something to be said for transforming your entire porch for the holiday—especially if you're hosting a party or expecting a lot of trick-or-treaters. Start with a wreath to center your design, then add pumpkins, gourds, and seasonal plants to the front steps. Frame your porch with string lights and a few hanging ghosts for a spooky yet inviting display.

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Make a Realistic Cobweb Wreath

Realistic cobweb wreath

Better Homes and Gardens / Carson Downing

Dress up your front door with a playful cobweb wreath. Cover a black twig wreath with faux cobwebs, stretching strands of the webbing across opposite ends of your wreath. Complement the cobwebs with faux bugs and mummy-like hands for an eerie front door display.

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Easy Halloween Front Door

crows and lanterns halloween door decor
Adam Albright

Welcome trick-or-treaters by turning your front porch into a spooky scene. Start by using chalk to draw a tree on your door (or create one with paper or felt for easy post-holiday cleanup) to center your design around. Then, attach a flock of paper crows or bats to your door and porch walls with paint-safe adhesive. You can even hang them from the ceiling with fishing line to give the illusion of birds taking flight overhead. For the stairs, add a few standing crows, black metal lanterns, and black-and-white pumpkins.

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Simple Yet Spooky Halloween Wreath

Black insect wreath

If you’re not looking to go all out this Halloween but still want your home to feel festive, start with a simple black wreath. Glue faux bugs (cockroaches, beetles, or whatever gives you the most heebie-jeebies) around the exterior. While fairly simple, it creates a striking look when placed on a neutral door.

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Painted Halloween Front Door

paper bat wreath orange door
Greg Scheidemann

Make a bold statement this season by painting your front door. While this might feel a bit more permanent than just adding a wreath or some pumpkins (which you can still do), it's a fun option to consider if you were already thinking about changing the color in the near future. When the paint is dry, add a simple black wreath and black door mat to finish the look.

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Make Spiderwebs Out of Tape

spider web decor front door
Kathryn Gamble Lozier

This clever Halloween door decoration idea uses electrical tape or washi tape to create a large spiderweb design on the window of your front door. Close the blinds (or cover the glass panel in paper) to create the illusion of a web that's lit from behind. Pair this design with decorative broomsticks, leaves, and a playful Halloween door mat.

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