The Most Popular Halloween Decor Trends of 2022

From vintage treasures to 12-foot skeletons, these are the top trends of the season.

Halloween night is only a few weeks away, which means we’re in full holiday decorating mode. According to the National Retail Federation’s Halloween trend report, Americans spend billions (yes, billions) of dollars on Halloween items. And perhaps surprisingly, consumers are spending more on Halloween decor this year than costumes, pumpkins, and party supplies

If you’re splurging on a few new spooky accessories this year, be sure to brush up on the latest trends before you head to the store. To help inspire your holiday decorating, we’ve rounded up the hottest Halloween decor trends of this season. Of course, you don’t need to go out and buy a whole new set of decor—it’s just as easy to recreate these trends with items you have at home. Add a fresh coat of paint to faux pumpkins that don’t serve your decorating style anymore, or rummage through the attic to find vintage treasures that are back in style. 

These are the top Halloween decorating trends of 2022. 

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Pink Halloween Decor

warm hued fall decorated table with pumpkins and dried greenery
Jason Donnelly

Skip traditional orange and black and incorporate pink hues into your seasonal decor. Pink Halloween decorations are all over Pinterest and Instagram this season, and the rosy accents are a fun way to accent your existing pieces. Paint your old faux pumpkins a bright shade of bubblegum (perfect for anyone looking to embrace Barbiecore) or add dusty mauve tones for a more subtle look.

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Plant Pumpkins

leaf-themed pumpkin carvings
Kelsey Hansen

Move over, classic jack-o’-lanterns. The houseplant craze has made its way to holiday decor in the form of plant-theme pumpkins. Instead of scary faces, carve monstera leaves, succulents, cacti, or flowers into your gourds for a gorgeous front porch display—no watering required! We have dozens of free pumpkin stencils to help you get started.

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Skeleton Decorations

home depot twelve foot skeleton
Courtesy of The Home Depot

If you’ve looked at Halloween decor on social media this season, you’ve probably seen photos and videos of the insanely popular 12-foot skeleton from The Home Depot. Affectionately named ‘Skelly,’ the giant skeleton is so popular it’s already sold out for the third year in a row. But not to worry—if you can’t get your hands on one, or don’t have room for the 12-foot figure, we have 19 other creative skeleton decor ideas you can copy this Halloween.

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Oversize Halloween Decorations

home exterior with decorative bats
Jason Donnelly

Skelly isn’t the only larger-than-life Halloween decoration this year. The giant skeleton has inspired many more oversize items, from giant flying bats to faux fuzzy spiders the size of a small child. If Skelly is sold out near you, or you’re looking to take your decorations to the next level, we’ve rounded up all our favorite oversize Halloween decorations you can make at home.

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Vintage Halloween Decor

vintage retro halloween decor

Better Homes & Gardens / Hiroyuki Nakai / Getty Images

Nostalgia has been a huge holiday trend for the past few years, so it’s no surprise vintage Halloween decor is back in style. Whether glass pumpkins from the '70s or classic '90s decor, old-school Halloween decorations are all the rage right now. Plus, there’s a chance you don’t even have to spend money on this trend. Head to your attic or look through grandma’s basement to find forgotten Halloween treasures from years past. If you don’t have luck there, use these expert tips for buying vintage Halloween decor instead. 

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