BHG April 2023 Editorial Spotlight

Grow Your Best Garden Ever

Get growing this spring with our expert recommendations for the best garden plans, container ideas, and landscaping tips. Whether you're a beginner hoping to grow your first vegetables or a seasoned pro searching for perennial inspiration, our trusted collection of garden tips and tutorials is here to help. Even renters can get their hands dirty with our how-to guide for creating a picture-perfect container garden. Plus, discover all the trends—hello, magenta blooms and native plants—taking root in gardens this year.

colorful dahlia flowers

Jamie Hadley. Design: Kailey Whitman

8 Garden Trends Taking Root in 2023

This year, gardening is all about vibrant color, going big in small spaces, and native plants. Plus, houseplants show no sign of slowing in popularity. Learn about the latest plants to add to your collection so you can garden smarter, not harder.

person holding basket of home grown vegetables

Hector Sanchez. Design: Kailey Whitman

Essential Vegetable Garden Tips for Beginners

Lay the foundation for a successful vegetable garden with vetted advice from a former newbie. With tips for choosing the best bed size and layout, plus how to solve for the inevitable pest, you can grow tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and more at home.

Edible Gardening Ideas

border garden landscape

Matthew Benson. Design: Kailey Whitman

How to Plant a Border Garden to Add Color Your Landscape

Border gardens function to define walkways, buildings, and other areas in the landscape, as well as provide habitat that supports wildlife. Create a well-designed border garden that blends seamlessly into surrounding hardscape with our tips for selecting and arranging the best mix of plants.

yellow container garden planter on front steps

Jason Donnelly. Design: Kailey Whitman

Plant a Container Garden in 6 Easy Steps

With just a little effort, you can plant a stunning container garden full of thriving flowers and foliage. We'll show you how to pick the perfect vessel, detail the recommended number of plants for the size of your pot, and help you fill your container with the ideal amount of potting mix for flowers that flourish.

Container Garden Ideas

colorful flowers in backyard garden

Kritsada Panichgul. Design: Kailey Whitman

15 No-Fuss Garden Plans for Plants That Thrive in Full Sun

No shade? No problem. These free no-fuss garden plans help a sunny yard blossom. Each one relies on easy-care, sun-loving plants that provide color and texture throughout the growing season. Plus, there's a design for every yard, whether you have a corner-fence garden, a small space between the street and sidewalk, or a large, open expanse.

home with landscaped front yard

BRIE WILLIAMS. Design: Kailey Whitman

Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard

Boost your home's curb appeal without emptying your wallet. Our collection of budget-friendly landscaping ideas will help you deter weeds, divide plants, establish a no-mow lawn, and more, so you can update your yard while saving big.

Must-See Landscaping Solutions

perennial flowering plants in garden with red shed

PETER KRUMHARDT. Design: Kailey Whitman

Plan Your Garden with our Guide to Perennial Flowering Plants

While annuals can brighten a bed all season long, you might need a dozen different perennials to help your garden bloom from spring through fall. Create a continuously blooming garden with a selection of spring, summer, and fall perennials for sun and shade.

container pot with flowers

30 Beautiful Planter Combinations for Stunning Container Gardens

Stumped with choosing the perfect flowers? These no-fail plant combinations take the guesswork out of growing picture-perfect container gardens. With blends that maximize color, add pleasing fragrance, or combine the ideal trio of thriller, filler, and spiller, these container garden plans come together in minutes to accent your landscape all season long.

Perennial Gardening Tips

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