15 Gray Kitchen Ideas for a Timeless Space

Showcase shades of gray on everything from cabinets to kitchen islands for a classic neutral look.

Blue Gray kitchen cabinets

Gray is one of the most versatile kitchen colors. It can read as almost black or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, nearly white. The key to choosing the right shade of gray for your kitchen is to be intentional with the undertones. Gray paint can have cool blue undertones, or give appear warm when combined with a hint of tan or beige. It's important to pick gray shades that work with your lighting and existing kitchen decor.

If all-white kitchens are too stark or monotonous for your design style, but you're not quite ready to take the plunge with a bold paint color, consider designing a gray kitchen. From backsplashes to cabinets, read on for our best gray kitchen ideas.

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Gray Kitchen Paint Colors

white kitchen with gray cabinets and doors

James Nathan Schroder

With light gray cabinets and a statement pantry door, this charming kitchen is full of character. When using two gray paint colors, it's important that the undertones complement each other. The slightly warm undertones of the gray cabinet color work well with the mix of natural wood materials featured around the room, while the warm charcoal pantry door anchors the space and ties everything together.

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Marble Backsplash

kitchen with green cabinets and gray marble

Werner Straube 

If colorful kitchen cabinets are more your style, a gray backsplash can easily add movement and texture without adding more color. This bold marble backsplash adds a statement to this serene kitchen without overwhelming the space. A wood island and range hood warm up the cool tones featured on the cabinetry and stone surfaces.

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Blue-Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen with wooden floors and gray cabinets
Panichgul Studios, Inc

Blue-gray cabinets and brushed gold hardware are a perfect match in this farmhouse-style kitchen. The honey-colored wood on the beams complements the gold tones, while bold marble countertops with prominent veining pair well with the gray cabinets. With cool undertones, this cabinet paint color pairs well with the crisp whites of the sink and subway tile backsplash.

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Gray Kitchen Inspiration

gray kitchen cabinets with light gray backsplash

John Granen

With so many hues and undertones, it can be hard to pick the right gray kitchen colors. This kitchen color scheme is inspired by the muted tones of the framed landscape art featured on the counter. Blue-gray cabinets perfectly match the ocean waves, while the light gray kitchen backsplash echoes the hues of the cloudy skies. When choosing paint colors, you can always take an art print or color palette to the hardware store and ask them to match a color for you.

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Creative Kitchen Storage

gray kitchen cabinets with seat

Jay Wilde

Floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets double as a cozy seating area in this gray kitchen. A large glass-front cabinet offers a place to display kitchenware, while the rest of the cabinets and drawers provide plenty of storage. While built-in seating is more commonly found in a mudroom or entryway, this cozy nook adds an inviting element to the open floor plan of the kitchen and dining room.

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Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen with charcoal base cabinets and white uppers

Buff Strickland

If you opt for two-tone cabinets, place the darker color on the bottom to make the space feel larger. White upper cabinetry lends soft spaciousness that draws the eye up, while dark gray base cabinets ground the space in this timeless black-and-white kitchen.

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Gray Kitchen Backsplash

white kitchen cabinets with gray tile

James Nathan Schroder

If you're nervous that a white and gray kitchen color scheme will be boring, consider adding a bold tile pattern. Tiles in various shades of gray arranged in a herringbone pattern add visual interest to this space without straying from the monochromatic color scheme. For an even bolder look, carry the backsplash all the way up the wall and opt for glass-front cabinets.

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Gray Wood Tones

kitchen cabinet storage

Kim Cornelison

For a rustic twist on a gray kitchen, opt for wood cabinets with a white-washed finish. The result is a casual look fitting for a modern farmhouse kitchen or beach house. Here, floor-to-ceiling storage hides tools, dishes, and a prep sink behind rustic kitchen cabinets.

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Matte Kitchen Cabinets

gray kitchen cabinets and island

John Granen

Can't settle one one gray paint color? Pick two instead. Here, deep gray matte cabinets pop against a light gray-green shade on the kitchen island. Matte paints don't reflect as much light or show as much dirt or grease, so they're a natural fit for a kitchen. The subtle gray and white backsplash ties the space together.

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Pair Gray with Gold Finishes

kitchen with white counters and backsplash and gray cabinets

Helen Norman

If you choose two-tone cabinets, using the same hardware throughout the kitchen can make the space feel cohesive. Here, matte gold hardware pops against gray base cabinets while lending a sleek look to the white upper cabinets. White quartz countertops and a simple tile backsplash tie the space together while allowing the cabinet color to be the focal point.

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Tiled Kitchen Island

Blue Gray + Chocolate + Black traditional kitchen
Edmund Barr

Bring gray into unexpected places, such as by adding tile to a kitchen island or range hood. Here, patterned tiles lend a playful element to this rustic wood kitchen. Rustic wood cabinets, flooring, and ceiling beams keep the look casual.

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Gray Slate Backsplash

white shelves with gray slate backsplash

Jeff Herr

The cool tone of this charcoal slate backsplash provides a bold contrast for white and gold floating shelves. The dark-gray slate tiles easily turn the open storage shelves—and the items on them—into a focal point. The blue-gray chevron perfectly complements the lighter hues of the countertops and cabinets while adding texture to the space.

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Greige Kitchen Color Scheme

beige kitchen
Jay Wilde

Greige (a combination of gray and beige) is having a moment right now, especially in kitchens. The versatile shade feels fresh and serene, which is ideal for a busy gathering place like the kitchen. When adding tile to a greige kitchen, don't shy away from dark gray grout. It requires less maintenance than white grout, which can quickly look dirty in high traffic places like behind the sink.

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Green-Gray Cabinets

kitchen with green cabinets and wood beams

James Nathan Schroder

These versatile cabinets can read gray or green depending on the lighting and time of day. In addition to the gray tones, this kitchen brings farmhouse style with open shelving and vertical shiplap walls. The casual butcher-block counters look homey while brushed nickel hardware helps keep it current.

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Textured Kitchen Cabinets

gray kitchen cabinets with silver stove

Edmund Barr

Matte black hardware looks lovely and contemporary when paired with medium gray cabinetry. A geometric design on the base cabinets gives this kitchen a traditional twist. A marbled backsplash ties the space together while neutral dishware displayed on open shelving keeps the space from looking too busy.

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