10 Gray Bathroom Ideas for a Serene Sanctuary

Turn your bathroom into a spa-inspired oasis with calming and sophisticated shades of gray.

gray bathroom with wallpaper

John Bessler

Gray is an elegant and versatile shade. It sits between two opposing neutrals—black and white—representing neutrality and balance. Because it's an achromatic color with no hue, decorating with gray creates a calm environment that's fitting for any bathroom design.

The subdued shade is timeless and works with both classic and contemporary bathroom designs. And because it works well with any color scheme, you can accessorize a gray bathroom however you like. Use gray as a neutral base color for a calming backdrop, or use it to set the mood of the space.

To help inspire your next bathroom refresh, we're sharing our favorite gray bathroom ideas. Create a spa-like sanctuary or use the shade to create a bold design statement.

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Gray Bathroom Backsplash

white bathroom with gray tile

David A. Land

Accents of gray subway tiles on the walls of this white bathroom add texture and style to the space. But beyond their aesthetic appeal, these tiles also have a functional purpose. Positioned above the sink and behind the bath, they provide a bathroom backsplash to protect the walls from water damage and humidity. The glazed finish reflects light, maintaining the same sense of brightness, spaciousness, and invigoration that white bathrooms do so well. 

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Tile Accent Wall

wood bathroom vanity with gray tile wall


Gray wall tiles are a striking focal point in this bathroom. Patterned tiles, like these patchwork tiles, are an easy way to create a statement in a small space. In a larger space, you can use tiles to zone the bathroom layout by confining the tiles to one area, such as above the bathroom sink. Keep the rest of the decor pared back to let the accent wall remain the focus of the space.

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Create Texture and Pattern

bathroom with gray tile and wood vanity

Emily Followill

The wall and floor tiles in this bathroom lend texture and tactility to the space without deviating from the color scheme. Create texture with plain tiles, such as the modern stacked design of the subway tiles on the wall. You can also create designs using different colors or shades of the same tile, like the geometric pattern created with these tonal gray floor tiles.

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Painted Gray Vanity

bathroom with gray vanity

Nicole LaMotte

A pale gray bathroom vanity makes an elegant addition to this bathroom. In this space, the gray vanity unit balances out the playful wallpaper, anchoring the room with a calming focal point. Gray takes on a smart and sophisticated quality here, especially when paired with dark blue and white accents.

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Use Natural Stone

bathroom with gray wall and gold mirrors

Annie Schlechter

Pick a naturally gray stone as the starting point for your bathroom scheme. The marble tile wainscoting and dual vanities set the tone for this bathroom design. The charcoal gray wall paint highlights the natural pattern of dark gray marble veins and creates depth and drama, while the brass fixtures, mirrors, and wall sconces bring warmth and elegance to the space.

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Choose Gray Wallpaper

gray bathroom with wallpaper

John Bessler

Have a little fun with a powder room or half bath. Here, this cloudy gray wallpaper adds an unexpected punch of personality to this small bathroom. The gray walls are accentuated by the extravagant chrome and marble vanity, black mosaic floor tiles, and dark gray trim. Before wallpapering a bathroom, check with the supplier to make sure it's can stand up to water damage or humidity.

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Gray Marble Bathroom

hexagon shaped marble shower tile

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Marble is synonymous with luxury, and it’s not hard to see why. The floor-to-ceiling marble tile in this walk-in shower oozes contemporary sophistication with its simple, minimalist design. A beautiful natural material like marble often provides a gorgeous neutral tone, which works well in this gray bathroom. Keep the design simple with little visual distraction beyond plain gold hardware.

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Charcoal Gray Bathroom

bathroom with charcoal gray walls


Dark gray walls bring depth and drama to any bathroom. The deep shade is one of the easiest shades to decorate around because its almost-black appearance means you can easily change up the color scheme of the space as often as you like by swapping out accessories. The painted wood paneled accent wall adds a moody touch to this farmhouse-style bathroom.

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Farmhouse Gray Bathroom

white bathroom with gray tile

Erica Van Slyke

One of the reasons gray is such a popular shade for the home is its extreme versatility. Gray provides the perfect neutral backdrop ready to be stamped with your individual touch, so it can work for any decor style. Here, the gray floor tiles provide texture and pattern to the otherwise all-white farmhouse bathroom.

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Keep the Undertones Consistent

gray bathroom with tile walls


Even though gray is a neutral, every shade can have undertones that gives it a warm or cool feel. When you're curating an all-gray bathroom scheme, be sure to keep the undertones consistent throughout the space. The gray fish scale wallpaper and vanity unit harmonize with their matching warm base notes, further accentuated by the gleaming brass accents and wooden floor.

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Use Concrete for an Industrial Look

concrete bathroom with brick wall

Emily Minton-Redfield

The natural gray tones of concrete are the ultimate urban design feature. Durable, practical, and stylish, the smooth surface of poured concrete gives it a sleek, modern edge, while the uneven grain contributes texture and interest. This bathroom epitomizes urban style by combining industrial materials, such as the concrete walk-in shower, exposed brick walls, and Crittall-style windows.

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