Grandpa Chic Is the Collected-Over-Time Look that’s Both Refined and Comfy

Also known as country club chic or country club grandpa, this curated aesthetic strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a massive resurgence of nostalgic trends and a return to more traditional designs after a modern and very neutral-toned couple of years. And this year, we have a new take on heritage-inspired style—move over coastal grandmother, because the latest twist on this sentimentality-driven trend is grandpa chic.

As designer Shea McGee told the Today Show in January, grandpa chic—also sometimes called country club grandpa or country club chic—is one of the key design trends to watch in 2023.

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But what sets grandpa chic apart from the other grandparent-inspired styles (think grandmillennial and the aforementioned coastal grandmother)? Grandpa chic is a more traditionally masculine and laidback spin on some of the curated trends we’ve seen recently. With rich dark tones, artfully collected decor, and a love for all things vintage, this comfortable style reminiscent of old-school social clubs invites you to come on in and stay a while.

Grandpa chic’s lack of pretension and focus on livability—with a dark-toned, high-end bend—makes this trend an excellent choice for families or anyone who loves casual entertaining and wants guests to feel at ease in their house. If you want to try grandpa chic in your space, we have all the ideas and expert advice you need to get started.

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What Is Grandpa Chic?

“Grandpa chic is absolutely a thing, and it always has been. It’s a nostalgic, sophisticated, and unique style that can’t be formulated or replicated, unlike design that is done in ‘one swoop,’” says Chris Jovanelly of Est Est Interior Design.

Grandpa chic references some of the other popular decorative elements we’re seeing currently, like oversize decor, dark leather decor, and dark paint colors, and puts them together in a way that feels familiar and accessible. As Jovanelly puts it, “Grandpa chic rooms should be well designed, but guests shouldn’t be afraid to sit down.”

And, as with the other grand styles, grandpa chic focuses on the timeless over the trendy and creating an atmosphere that feels like it came together over decades.

However, there are some distinct differences between grandpa chic and styles like coastal grandmother. You won’t find any frilly or delicate pieces here, nor will you find the bold colors or striking patterns of grandmillennials decor. Instead, this style takes a more no-nonsense approach to decor, just like Grandpa.

Living room with area rug and lounge chairs
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How to Put Together a Grandpa Chic Room in Your Home

“Grandpa chic is an acquired look, meaning all pieces were acquired over time,” Jovanelly says. “Styles are mixed and contain traditional and rich elements. Think of abundance as opposed to minimal; intimate and cozy spaces that are inviting and not intimidating and ostentatious. Pieces don’t look brand new, yet don’t look worn out by any means. The design conveys that everything is quality to begin with.”

While you may not have access to a treasure trove of antiques, there are ways to fake this collected style in your home. Also, remember that you don’t have to rush and buy everything at once. While you don’t want to take years to finish a room, leaving some space for it to evolve organically will help make this look feel authentic.

First, set the tone with color. Warm paint hues and dark wood floors create the perfect base for grandpa chic. You can also add texture with rugs and curtains in deep colors and traditional patterns, like plaid. For accent colors and fixtures, think about rich golds and brass that keep the warm, cozy feeling going.

painted dark hearth in room with blue rug and leather chairs
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When it comes to furniture, stay away from matching sets. Look for pieces that speak to each other and coordinate but aren’t all purchased from the same store to give it that acquired-over-time appeal. 

Consider more oversized and traditional styles for sofas and chairs. This is definitely a time for comfy seating. Leather pieces are also a huge trend and are ideal for grandpa chic. If you can find at least a few vintage pieces to add to the mix, they’ll go a long way toward creating the curated look you’re trying to achieve.

Finally, personalize the space with accessories. Layering in details is really what makes this style come alive. Remember, this is supposed to be a space built over time, so don’t be afraid to have decorative items from different eras. And since this style speaks to nostalgia, consider finishing the room with meaningful pieces from your family and old photos of friends and relatives—Grandpa would approve. 

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