Grab the girls, we're going camping! Well … glamping. "Glamping" is camping with the added bonus of glamour, because why should you have to sacrifice luxury to experience the great outdoors? Whether you're in a tent, a trailer, or a treehouse, these glamping picks will have you totally prepared for your first glamorous excursion.

By Shelby Van Slooten

Sleep in Style

Not only is this tent super cute, but it's functional! Fit for two people, the tent has two doors, two compartments for gear (cocktail glasses?), and the perfect window for your perfect view! 

Pendleton Tent

Price: $274.95

Start Decorating

Colorful decoration for daytime turns into a magical glow over your campsite by night! These string lights add the perfect personality to make your campsite feel like home.

Multicolor Rattan String Lights

Price: $29.99

Camp Sounds

Outdoor Tech has taken camp sounds to a whole new level with this rugged speaker. Not only is it Bluetooth, but it's shockproof and water-resistant so you can take it anywhere -- even by the lake!

Turtle Shell Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $79.95

Become a Camp-Foodie

The easiest way to distinguish camping from glamping is the food. We love campfire cooking, but when it comes to glamping, save that for the s'mores! Enjoy prep space, a washing station, stove, and pantry area for your next outdoor meal.

Deluxe Camp Kitchen

Price: $139.99

Set the Table

Now that you've made the meal, set the table. Pottery Barn is great for outdoor dining ware. Check out this set that not only looks good, but is unbreakable and reusable!

Medallion Salad Plate Set

Price: $39.50

Stay Pampered!

There are certain tiny luxuries that camping needn't stop. Check out REI for the best biodegradable bath products so you can pamper yourself wherever you are … while staying Earth-friendly!

Travel Shaving Cream

Price: $4.50

Fruity Fun

Nothing says glamping like fun drinks! Be the life of the party with this watermelon key tapping kit. Just add the hard stuff if you want.

Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit

Price: $20

Mini Mixings

Speaking of cocktails, we love this travel bar from Target. This mini mixing station comes with everything you need to create your favorite drinks, wherever you are!

Cocktail Travel Bar

Price: $179.99

Beautiful and Unbreakable

These enamel cups are the perfect touch to your camping festivities. Colorful, lightweight, and unbreakable, they can go anywhere you go!

Enamel Kashmiri Cup Set

Price: $40.16

Happy Feet

Say good-bye to a dirty tent! Glamping is all about staying comfortable. Keep your feet happy while adding some style to your campsite with this reversible rug.

Reversible Outdoor Mat

Price: $19.99-$39.99

Let Me See Your Grill

Not into the entire kitchen setup? Try this glamorous grill! This lightweight cooker is easy to set up and clean. (Hint: Try grilling on the beach!)

Portable Barbecue

Price: $90

Stay Cozy, Anywhere.

Have you ever wished you could have the comfort of your sleeping bag out by the fire? The Napsack is essentially a sleeping bag with room to stick your arms and legs out, so you can wear it anywhere! It even has pockets and a hole for headphones. 


Price: $135.95

Never Lose Power

Solar power allows you to feel safe knowing your electric essentials won't ever peter out. Strap this on your backpack or leave it out in the sun to charge, then plug in your phone, speakers, etc., by night! What's glamping without at least one Instagram pic?

Solar Charger PowerPort

Price: $55.99



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