This Best-Selling Portable Space Heater Will Keep You Warm No Matter the Temperature—and It’s 44% Off

Its built in handle makes it easy to grab and go

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Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat Tout


Throughout winter, staying comfortably warm usually comes at the cost of a higher heat bill every month. In order for your space to be cozy, turning up the thermostat is not the only way to keep warm. Small yet powerful space heaters are a space and money-saving solution for a warm home or office. However, many heaters have to be plugged in. If you’re on the go from room to room, mini heaters like the Give Best Portable Electric Space Heater—on sale at Amazon for 44% off—are the way to go.

An Amazon best-seller, this compact heater with a handle will be your go-to for staying warm without having to crank up the heat. At only 7.9 inches tall, the small but mighty heater still delivers powerful warmth without disrupting your space. The portable tool is easily carried from room to room—staying toasty in any part of the house, even the garage.

Portable Electric Space Heater with Thermostat


Buy It: Give Best Portable Electric Space Heater, $28 (was $50), Amazon

With two heat levels—1,500 watts and 700 watts—as well as a cool setting, the fan is useful year-round and can even help you stay breezy in the warmer months. Named the ‘Best Portable Space Heater’ of 2023, we found that when the heater was on the high setting it “raised their body temperature by about 14 degrees Fahrenheit, while it raised the overall room temperature by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit.” Rating the heater’s performance a four out of five.

Another reason for the high rating is the space heater’s lightweight and useful design. The handle at the top of the heater makes it easy to grab the heater and go. The ceramic heater is safe to use indoors with its flame-retardant material and automatic shut-off system that will turn the heater off if it starts to overheat or gets knocked over. 

The safety features are also why BH&G named it the best portable heater of the year, the heater  “shut off promptly when tipped even just a little and automatically shut down in case of overheating.” To keep you from getting too hot, the thermostat control will shut the heater off when it hits the preset temperature and turn it back on once the temperature lowers below the thermostat setting.

On sale for 44% off on Amazon, the Give Best Portable Electric Space Heater keeps you at a comfortable temperature even in the middle of winter. 

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