Giant Halloween Decorations That Create a Big Scare

Make the holiday extra spooky with these larger-than-life Halloween decorations.

decorative spiders crawling up fireplace

Better Homes & Gardens / Marty Baldwin

Spooky season has returned, and so has the infamous 12-foot tall giant skeleton from The Home Depot. The oversized decor item (which is already sold out for the third year in a row) has inspired a trend of larger-than-life Halloween decorations. And, we have plenty of oversize ideas you can make at home. From giant creepy crawlers and oversized spider webs to floating ghosts and classic jack-o’-lanterns, these clever ideas are simple to make, won’t break the bank, and deliver a frightfully festive flair.

Turn your home into the Halloween house of your neighborhood and cast a holiday spell over everyone that walks by. Whether you try your hand at DIY bats and spiders or want to give guests and passersby a good laugh, we’ve got you covered with plenty of Halloween-inspired creations. These giant Halloween decorations are guaranteed to create a big scare.

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Giant Spider Decor

home exterior with crawling spiders

Better Homes & Gardens / Jay Wilde

Add these huge hairy spiders to your home’s exterior to create a big scare in the neighborhood. Follow our easy step-by-step tutorial and use faux fur, foam tubes, and hot glue to assemble these giant Halloween decorations that can be easily hung using removable outdoor adhesive. Place an assortment of large spiders on the front of your home for an inexpensive critter infestation. 

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Giant Halloween Spider Web

black decorative cobweb on porch

Better Homes & Gardens / Laurie Black

Greet guests with this giant spider web that’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to bring Halloween flair to your front porch. Grab some thick black roping and follow these easy directions to create an oversized spider web that’ll work just as well indoors as it will out. Attach plastic or faux fur spiders to the web for an extra creepy look that’ll give everybody a friendly scare.

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Halloween Mantel Decor

orange pumpkins coming out of fireplace

Better Homes & Gardens / Jay Wilde

A fireplace mantel is an ideal spot for seasonal decorations since it's an easy way to incorporate that quintessential splash of orange without changing too much of your regular decor. Gather an assortment of different sizes, shades, and varieties of pumpkins—real or faux—and create an overflow of these seasonal gourds in and around your fireplace. Turn any mirror or framed art piece above the mantel into DIY Halloween artwork with orange and white paper. Simply cover the entire surface inside the frame with orange paper, then cut out a Jack-o’-Lantern face out of white cardstock, and stick it on for instant Halloween cheer that can easily be removed after the holiday.

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Classic Jack-o’-Lanterns

pumpkins on front steps

Better Homes & Gardens / Adam Albright

You can’t go wrong with the most traditional Halloween decorations—carved jack-o’-lanterns. Add a warm welcome to your front porch by combining classic carved pumpkins with an oversized jack-o'-lantern made from wire and mini gourds. To create the large pumpkin, fill two wire planters with mini faux gourds and wire them together to form a large oval shape. Nestle a branch into the top to form the stem, and add a cute face made from black cardstock for the front to finish your wire pumpkin decoration.

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DIY Bat Decor

home exterior with decorative bats

Better Homes & Gardens / Jason Donnelly

Bats and Halloween go hand in hand, and this critter-covered home could not be more festive. Go monochromatic with your color palette and make these oversized DIY bats. Plastic hangers form the bat’s body and black trash bags turn into large wings. Finish off the flying creatures with black faux fur, then attach them to the outside of your home using plastic hooks or zip ties for a true haunted house look. 

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Giant Halloween Ghost

home exterior with hanging ghost

Better Homes & Gardens / Adam Albright

Outdoor holiday decor doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive! Hang a giant white ghost from a second-story window to make a spooky statement and keep an eye on the neighborhood. This simple but effective floating ghost is easy (and cheap) to make, and can be finished and hung in under an hour. Turn a white bedsheet into a giant Halloween decoration and use plastic hooks to hang its head and arms on the window, which will secure it in place and allow its body to float around as the wind blows for a spooky effect.

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Spider Take-Over

decorative spiders crawling up fireplace

Better Homes & Gardens / Marty Baldwin

If you're not ready to commit to covering the exterior of your home with oversized spiders, scale them down and bring the fun indoors instead. Giant hairy spiders take over this brick mantel for a creepy-crawly Halloween decoration that's surprisingly easy to make. Their hairy faux fur bodies and black foam legs almost make them look too life-like, adding to their scare factor. We have easy instructions for three different sizes of spiders; these are the medium size. Position the insects inside the fireplace and all over the mantel and wall to make it appear like they are crawling inside the house—what could be scarier than that?

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Outdoor Witch Decoration

outdoor witch tree

Better Homes & Gardens / Jason Donnelly

Skip the guts and gore this Halloween and give trick-or-treaters a good laugh with this whimsical witch whose broom flight ended in your yard. Use black tape to turn green pool noodles into witch legs, and hit the thrift store for an inexpensive pair of black shoes. Attach the witch to a tree, a lamp post, or the side of your home, and add a broken broomstick to complete the joke. You’re guaranteed to get lots of laughs for this entertaining take on outdoor Halloween decor

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DIY Hanging Ghosts

home exterior with ghosts and pumpkins

Better Homes & Gardens / Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Give your front porch an eerie makeover with hanging ghosts that gently sway in the wind. Use a foam ball to create the ghost’s head, draw on eyes with a black marker, and attach white cheesecloth with torn edges to form the body. Continue the theme by adding spooky eyeballs to your front lawn that will make every trick-or-treater and neighbor do a double take. To make them, attach googly eyes to white painted sticks or skewers and stake them into the ground. 

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