Maybe your girl dreams of a sweet princess bedroom with lavender and pink. Or a tomboy style with blues and greens. Here are some great unique pieces to create the perfect dream girl's bedroom for your special girl.

April 19, 2016

A little girls room is one of the sweetest rooms in any home. Girls love bright colors and artistic flares. This is a room where you can go bold and style can be it's own, but when styling this space there needs to be room for a girl's tastes and styles to change. One minute she is playing with dolls and finger paints, the next she is discovering makeup and new friends.

Her room should be a safe haven where she comes to recharge after a playdate as well as a social gathering spot to invite friends to hang out with music and laughter. That tall order of function means coming up with unique pieces that will grow and evolve as she does. Take a look at some of our favorite selections for that ideal girl's room in your home.

Berkeley 4-Drawer Brickfront Dresser

This superbly crafted dresser comes as a smart and functional storage solution for any young lady's room. The birch color plays nicely with bolder hot pinks that are often a part of a girl's design scheme. Four roomy, easy-slide drawers with decorative ring pulls give all the storage space needed, and most importantly it will grow with her as she moves into teen years. $2,104

Chiffany Waste Bin

Elegance is everything, even in a waste bin. This lustrously lacquered piece takes its inspiration from that iconic little blue box, with a robin's egg blue hue and a band of shining metallic at its edge. This blue-and-silver lacquer piece will dress up a room in a new and unique way not usually seen in a little girl's room. $220

WallSmart Confetti Wallpaper

Add a little confetti to your girls room with this sparkling wallpaper. Well-suited for bedrooms, living rooms, and kids' rooms (and depending on your mood you can add Confetti to a full room, a singe wall, or just use a few sections to freshen up the hallway). A great way to add a little sparkle to a feminine space! All the confetti's are set on WallSmart wallpaper, a new generation of non-woven fleece wallpaper that's easier and faster to hang. $115

Kensington Dexter Desk

"X" marks the spot. This rustic and contemporary piece is a decorating treasure, its parquet wood top contrasted with the raw polished finish of the crossed metal legs. The minimalist design of this desk will take her all the way from grade school to college. $742.50

Sunny Yellow Upholstered Engage Armchair

A young lady's room is the perfect place for some midcentury modern chic with the Sunny Yellow Upholstered Engage Armchair. Adorned in a peppy yellow hue, the upholstered armchair is a timeless and elegant piece that will fit into any great reading corner. Place this yellow chair beside a chrome floor lamp or underneath a retro wall clock for a swank '50's vibe that will bring high style to a bedroom. $665

Enjoy the Day Canvas Art

Learn to find the sunshine amidst the rain! Colorful umbrellas cloud the purple sunset sky in the Enjoy the Day Canvas Art by The Oliver Gal Artist Company. Written in white calligraphy is an uplifting message: "Enjoy the Day." The piece adds a refreshingly jubilant mood to any bedroom. $245 - $649

Fiona Bed Lux with Wood Panel

This beautifully crafted transitional furniture blends the past with the present through clean and elegant design. The soft robin's egg blue color is timeless and will grow with any young lady as she evolves and matures. $3,030

Juniper Floor Lamp

This vintage silver angled floor lamp is the perfect complement to a reading corner or next to a study area. The unique shape of the coned lamp shade offers a modern flare. Housing two bulbs, the off-white linen shade and the black marble base provide the perfect contrast to the lamp's brass finish. Marble coloration may vary. $2,160

Gold Moroccan Pouf

Give your girl's room some gilded glamour with this Gold Moroccan Pouf. This fancy floor cushion is stuffed with firm cotton batting and covered with shiny gold leather. Sand-toned embroidery gives this pouf its honeycomb pattern and round shape. Set this floor pouf at the end of her bed and watch it be the hangout spot for her and her besties! $275

Modern Eos Light Brown Goose-Feather Pom Pom Pendant Lamp

The Modern Eos pendant lamp is as fulsome as any bird with its lush pom-pom of goose feathers arranged artfully on a core of paper. A superb decorative pendant lamp that hangs from the ceiling splaying light organically within its layers of luxurious feathers, the Vita Eos is a fine example of Scandinavian design genius that can pack so much artistic impact into a spare, compelling structure. All the girls will be talking about this one. $260 - $768

Melody Striped Silver Mercury Glass Modern Table Lamp

Modern and elegant, this Melody Striped Silver Mercury Glass Modern Table Lamp is made with a tubular glass cylinder base that has been embellished with bands of shimmering mercury silver. Topped off with an ivory microfiber shade for understated chic, the Melody Striped Silver Mercury Glass Modern Table Lamp is perfect for any modern and contemporary space. $600

Mermaid and Baby Girl in Mint Green Framed Art

The Mermaid and Baby Girl in Mint Green framed art is a sweet mermaid illustration that's an utterly feminine selection for a little girl's room, or for a girl who's still little at heart! The gentle image of mother and child is calming and restful, perfect for over a bed or desk. $135

White Chrome Wire Side Chair

Modern and sleek, the White Chrome Wire Side Chair is a perfect addition to contemporary or retro-inspired style. This durable seating accent boasts contoured edges, clean lines, and an open base frame. Its beauty gets an upgrade from the colorful and removable leatherette seat pad that not only adds instant style, but additional cushioning as well. $138

Vishnu Clear Mirror

This is exotic elegance at its very best. This modern mirror is a functional beauty that can dazzle in any girl's room, young or old. The uniquely shaped frame has mesmerizing curves, while the reflective center is perfect for quick hair checks. Hang it up over her makeup table, or pair it with patterned wallpaper for more intrigue. $178

Savannah Low-Back Vanity Stool

Your girl's room won't be completed without this chic, vintage-style vanity stool. Crafted from sturdy birchwood, this round chair features a low back and charming two-button detailing. Gently splayed legs complete the feminine feel. With seven different colors to choose from, a girl can go bold with hot pink or subdued with golden or stone. $198

Gilda Leatherette Lounge Chair

Upholstered in soft leatherette over foam for long-lasting comfort, this Gilda Leather Lounge Chair will create a chic lounge corner for a young lady to hang out with friends or get serious with her studies. With the silvery steel base, the Gilda Leather Lounge Chair is available in multiple colors and is perfect for any modern home. $403

Modern Clear Cheer Table Lamp

Your style future is crystal clear. The Modern Clear Cheer Table Lamp is a natural fit for a contemporary, urban, or industrial girl's room. The table lamp's chrome-plated base ascends to a tapered rod and transparent glass dome shade for one defining look. Pair the Modern Clear Cheer Table Lamp with a simple bedside table for reading before bed. $91.50

Spiro Spiral Pattern Retro Chic Wallpaper

The Spiro Spiral Pattern is retro chic with modern twists like subtle, dimensional color variations that's so up-to-the-minute in the design world. What better way to add dimension and sparkle to a girl's room than a style statement like wallpaper. Taking trendy pointers from the past and re-expressing them as a modern wall solution, this wallpaper uplifts the decor of any stylishly home. $195

Tear Drop Pink Girls Area Rug

For the girl who loves eclectic prints and soft pastels, the Tear Drop Pink Girls Area Rug makes a favorite decor piece for teens and pre-teens, featuring stylized tear drop patterns in a variety of eclectic prints and soft pastel colors on a blue background. Trendy and eye-catching, the Tear Drop Pink Girls Area Rug is the perfect rug for a girl with style. $59 - $699

Piedmont White 1-Drawer Side Table

This superbly crafted side table/night stand comes as a smart and functional storage solution for your girl's bedroom. One roomy, easy-slide drawer with a decorative silver ring pull gives you sufficient storage space. A cute shelf below the drawer is bonus area to show off decoratives or keep books neatly organized. The tabletop is a third area to use as you please. $1,238

Zig Zag Woven Wire Stool

Add visual interest and texture to your girls room with this Zig Zag Woven Wire Stool. The hourglass-shape stool is a veritable sculpture of iron that has been woven into a rich, dense pattern and coated in an antique zinc finish. The result is a look that's as versatile as it is functional; use it a nightstand table or artistic extra seating when friends come to visit. $115.95


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