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Get Schooled: Essential Home How-Tos

Looking to become a better cook? Or give your room a quick and easy refresh? Roll up your sleeves and learn a new skill with our ultimate how-to guides for essential tasks around the home. With Test Kitchen-approved tips for baking the best birthday cake (ever!), advice for growing a garden, and step-by-step instructions for stress-free home upgrades, our collection of must-know how-tos will help you perfect new skills in no time.

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How to Start Seeds Indoors to Jumpstart Your Spring Garden

Grow your own flowers and veggies indoors with our essential guide to starting seeds. Once cold weather subsides and spring arrives, you'll be ready to start hardening off and move your seedlings out into the garden.

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Perfectly Fold a Fitted Sheet with Our Step-by-Step Guide

Frazzled by your fitted sheets? Skip the stress with our easy folding method. We'll show you four simple ways to fold fitted sheets so you can reduce time spent on laundry and tidy up your linen closet.

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Make a Cake from Scratch That Looks Like It's From a Bakery

Turn to our Test Kitchen's tried-and-true method for baking a creamed cake that's perfectly moist and party-ready. Our homemade cake recipe is so good, guests will think it's from a fancy bakery.

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How to Paint a Wall for a Professional Look

Give any room in your home an easy update with a fresh coat of paint. With our guide to painting walls, you can transform any space in a weekend. The key to a professional job? It's all about the prep work.

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Tile a Backsplash for a Quick and Easy Kitchen Makeover

Not every room refresh requires a renovation. Upgrade kitchen walls with a brand new set of tile in your favorite color, material, or style. We'll show you how to tile a backsplash using traditional ceramic tiles on mesh backing.

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9 Essential Tips for Keeping Houseplants Healthy

Whether you're wondering how often to water your houseplants, looking for propagation tips, or trying to control pests, our ultimate guide to houseplants will help keep your indoor varieties healthy and happy.

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How to Clean a Cast-Iron Skillet So It Lasts Forever

Ideal for recipes that require high heat, cast-iron skillets are a kitchen workhorse, able to effectively saute, sear, bake, broil, roast, and more. However, this trusty cookware requires special attention when it comes to cleaning and care. Learn how to clean a cast-iron skillet, plus how to protect and restore its seasoning.

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Learn to Make Homemade Noodles for Your Favorite Pasta Dishes

For a fresh, delicious dinner, make noodles from scratch. Combine five basic ingredients (flour, salt, eggs, oil, and water) for homemade noodles perfect for soups, lasagna, casseroles, and more.

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