Shoppers Love This $11 Plant Repotting Mat That Makes Indoor Gardening Much Easier

Snap up the sides of this small tarp to keep any messes contained.

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When your houseplants need repotting or you want to create a fun indoor garden project (dish garden, anyone?), things are bound to get messy. Potting mix, leaves, and water drips tend to get everywhere, no matter how careful you are, and can be a pain to clean up. A simple solution is using an inexpensive potting mat, and Amazon shoppers love this $11 ZZ Lighting Indoor Repotting Tidy Square Mat for the job.

Measuring a little bit bigger than 3 feet square (37.37 inches square, to be exact), this waterproof tarp has snaps on each corner, allowing you to create a raised edge that will help keep messes contained. When you're done with your gardening projects, just unsnap a side and shake out any excess soil and other debris, either outside or over a trash can. After unsnapping the rest of the sides, wipe the mat clean and dry, then fold it up for easy storage.

plant and potting supplies on tarp
Chelsea McDonnough

Buy It: ZZ Lighting Indoor Repotting Tidy Square Mat ($11, Amazon)

The mat is beloved by Amazon shoppers, garnering a stellar 4.5-star rating. And when we spotted one of our very own Better Homes & Gardens Stylemakers, Chelsea McDonnough of the lifestyle blog Two Twenty One, using the mat, we asked her to share her experience. "When I'm potting smaller houseplants, I use the mat on my kitchen island to contain the mess that comes with potting plants," she says. "I also use the mat outside on our outdoor dining table to pot my succulent planter arrangement." McDonnough also loves the large size of the gardening mat. "I can fit everything on it—the plants I'm potting or repotting, the planter, potting mix, and any tools I need to use," she says.

green indoor gardening mat
Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon shoppers agree with McDonnough. One five-star reviewer, who calls the mat one of their "best plant purchases," says that it helps "keep the mess in a localized place." Another shopper claims that "everyone who pots and re-pots any type of houseplant needs this mat." You can also find similar mats in other sizes and colors. This blue and orange 3.3 x 3.3 foot Vimoa Repotting Mat and this 19 x 19 inch light green mat (perfect for small projects with succulents) are also highly rated.

Ready to get started on your gardening and want an easy way to clean up afterwards? Shop the ZZ Lighting Indoor Repotting Tidy Square Mat for just $11, and you'll be set.

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