Upgrade your gardening game with these techy tools that will make your yard look like a million bucks.

By Nicole Bradley
September 06, 2016
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Gardening gadget

Problem: You've always wanted to get a time lapse of your asters in bloom, but taking pictures on your iPhone every day just isn't doing the trick. 

Solution: This garden camera ($89; amazon.com) can be stuck into the soil in your garden and then set to take photos at intervaled times, which is then saved in JPG format and played back as a movie. The camera doesn't have to be solely for plants, either -- watch a bird building a nest outside your home or figure out what critters are nibbling at your vegetables while you're not looking.

Greenworks String Trimmer & Hedge Trimmer Set

Gardening gadget

Problem: The cord from your hedge trimmer not only becomes a tangled mess every time you pull it out of the shed, but it won't reach the farthest part of your garden.

Solution: Made with a chargable lithium-ion battery, the Greenworks string trimmer and hedge trimmer ($128; cpooutlets.com) snags hard-to-reach spots in your garden with minimal noise pollution.

VeggiBee Pollinator

Gardening gadget

Problem: You grow your tomatoes in a greenhouse, away from common pollinators like bees and wind. You'd like to be able to yield more tomatoes without having to take your plant outside.

Solution: A handy pollinating helper ($35; amazon.com) may be what you need to grant your wishes. The vibrating wand, when touched to the head of the flower, shakes off excess pollen. This pollen can then be used to breed whichever plants you please.

EasyBloom Plant Sensor

Gardening gadget

Problem: You've got that tricky spot in the back corner of your garden -- the soil is especially damp and rarely gets any sunlight.

Solution: Stick the EasyBloom sensor ($50; amazon.com) into the dirt of your desired gardening area for at least 24 hours. The device then has a USB to plug into your computer and tells you different factors about the area, such as sunlight patterns, soil moisture, humidity, and drainage. It'll also tell you which plants thrive in that area.

Click and Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden

Gardening gadget

Problem: You love growing your own herbs, but you live in a small apartment with poor access to sunlight. 

Solution: Growing herbs indoors is still possible! Click and Grow's Indoor Herb Garden ($54; amazon.com) is perfect for beginners and/or those in small apartments -- the kit comes with everything you need. Just add water to the contraption and plug in, and you'll have garden-fresh herbs in 2-3 weeks.

CatStop Cat Deterrent

Gardening gadget

Problem: Your neighbor's outdoor cat has been mistaking your flowerbed for a litter box all summer, and you've had enough.

Solution: The CatStop cat deterrant ($60; amazon.com) detects movements in the garden and sends off an ultrasonic sound that only cats can hear. And there's no need to worry -- the cats aren't harmed!

Lawn Aerator Shoes

Gardening gadget

Problem: Your lawn has been looking a bit dull lately. Watering it doesn't help, and you're not ready to invest the money in an aerating machine.

Solution: Like a fine glass of wine, your lawn needs to breathe. Try wearing these aerating shoes ($23; amazon.com) next time you mow the lawn or want to get an exercise in. Simply strap on the shoes, which have spikes on the bottom, and walk around your yard as an easy way to expose grass roots.


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