purple gardening gloves with plastic claws finger tips in garden
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Shoppers Are Ditching Their Gardening Tools for These $7 Claw Gloves That Make Planting Painless

The durable plastic tips on each finger can be used for digging and weeding, while the latex-coated material protects your skin from cuts and dirt.
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Tending your garden can be an endlessly rewarding endeavor as you watch your plants grow and bloom. But it's not always easy on your hands, even while wearing gloves. But, the Xjyamus Gardening Claw Gloves provide a little extra armor in a way that gardeners are calling a "game changer" for removing weeds and tending to new plant babies. Best of all? They're on sale at Amazon starting at just $7.

These admittedly unusual-looking gardening gloves can actually replace your spade and garden fork, thanks to their innovative design. The gloves are made with four sturdy plastic claws on each hand, each with a safe, yet pointy tip. This allows you to dig through soil and weed out unwanted plants like dandelions and crabgrass without any additional tools. 

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: Xjyamus Gardening Claw Gloves, $7 (originally $8), Amazon

Amazon shoppers say these multi-purpose gloves can do everything from cultivating around plants to spreading out soil to making rows for sowing seeds. Plus, they'll protect your hands from cuts, broken nails, and prickly plants as you work, thanks to their water-proof, puncture-resistance latex rubber exterior. The nylon knit design on the back of the hands gives you some breathability, even on hot summer days. 

While reviewers admit that they were skeptical about the gloves at first, they are now true believers. 

"Okay, I admit I bought these for my mom as a gag," writes one shopper. "Joke was on me. She loves them! She uses them all the time now. She doesn't break her nails when weeding and her hands don't get all scratched up… She even growls a little while weeding just for effect and to show those weeds who's the boss."

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: Xjyamus Gardening Claw Gloves, $7 (originally $10), Amazon

The gloves are so popular that they've made their way to the top of Amazon's best-seller chart for gardening gloves and protective gear. 

"I've been clawing up the garden for months now, and they are still intact," writes another reviewer. "I garden as a full contact sport, so I can tell you which products are up to the challenge and which aren't. These definitely are; they make weeding and cultivating my box beds a cinch."

Ready to tackle your garden with the best tool in the shed? Shop the Xjyamus Gardening Claw Gloves while they're on sale for just $7. 

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: Xjyamus Gardening Claw Gloves, $8 (originally $10), Amazon