The grass is always greener with a little help from your trusty smartphone.

By Nicole Bradley
September 19, 2016
woman photographing terrarium

Let's be honest, a phone can never replace a faithful shovel or trowel. But your phone can help you out in the garden more than you may think. Gear up for spring with these trusty garden apps, which provide a world of garden intelligence—all in the palm of your hand! Whether you're looking to identify a plant, need assistance in planning a garden, or want to network with other gardeners, this selection of apps will lend a helping hand.


Seek by iNaturalist is like a botanist in your pocket. When you're out for a stroll in the park and see a flower or plant you love, snap a picture with the app, and it will tell you what you might be looking at. Seek promises to make you more engaged with the wilderness around you and even works on identifying animals and fungi.

The Essential Garden Guide

vegetable garden with raised beds

The Essential Garden Guide is ideal for a beginner wanting to nail the basics. The app is essentially an edible-plant gardener's pilot and covers everything you need to know, such as plant spacing, plant identification, and pest and disease control.

Perennial Match

Wondering which blooms will look pretty next to your daylilies? Perennial Match gives users imagery of how plants will look when planted side-by-side. You can also do filtered searches of plants based on water requirements, hardiness zones, pest resistance, drought tolerance, and more.

Garden Compass

Japanese Beetle

Use Garden Compass by taking a photo of a plant, pest, or disease to identify it. The app has a "follow" feature where you can track your favorite plant breeds, filling your newsfeed with updates about the plants you follow. You can also live-chat with an expert if you have specific gardening questions.


MyGarden is a social network for green thumbs. The app lets users keep track of their plants while also checking out friends' plants. You can also update your status if your garden has a milestone (or 10)!

Veronica's Garden Tracker

Veronica's Garden Tracker is for gardeners who easily lose track of what seeds are planted where. This recording app is like a digital journal where you can write and visually document your garden's progress. You can also track elements like water schedules and pH history, along with milestone dates, like when your first iris bloomed.


Private Landscape

Thinking about a yard redesign? iScape is an interactive landscaping tool fit for both DIY and professional landscapers. The app can search plants by variety, color, and more, and it lets you virtually design your yard before investing any time or money in it.


A drag-and-drop planning tool, GrowSquared helps plan bed sizes and how much space you need for your garden using a 3D interface. The app also gives you all the information you need on the plants you choose.

Rain Harvest

With Rain Harvest, users can detect the amount of rain that falls during a certain period of time. This is helpful to gardeners who want to organically use rainwater to tend their gardens. The app's rain harvesting calculator allows users to plug in different variables, such as catchment surface area and rainfall in inches, to determine exactly how much water was collected during rainfall.

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January 6, 2019
All the Apps are for IOS which does nothing for us Android users. How about some Android Apps for a change. Apple isn't the only phone in the marketplace.