9 Handy Tools to Make Gardening Easier on Your Body

Reduce strain on your wrists, back, and more with these must-have tools that make gardening easier and more enjoyable.

Gardening is a relaxing hobby for many, with proven health benefits for both the mind and body. But all that bending over, using heavy tools, and lugging bags of dirt around can get tiring fast. We've rounded up nine of the best garden tools that make gardening more accessible for everyone, regardless of age or experience. Get back into the garden feeling refreshed. Gardening for seniors has never been easier!

Safety Tips: As we get older, our skin is more susceptible to sunburn and bruising. Always wear gloves, sunscreen, and a hat, especially if you plan to be outside for an extended amount of time. Bring a water bottle on hot days and try to work in the morning or evening, when it's cooler. Work at a pace that's comfortable for you. Alternate activities so you don't put too much pressure on any one part of the body.

planting wheelbarrow plant spade

1. Wheel it Around

Ditch the heavy wheelbarrow! Wheeled gardening carts are much lighter. Look for a model that glides easily over the ground without a lot of force from you. Bonus points for one with raised baskets or a built-in seat for taking a break or sitting as you work. Some also come with a handy garden tool organizer under the seat for easy access.

person kneeling on green knee pads shoveling dirt in planter

2. Kneel in Comfort

Cushioned knee pads or a gardening mat are essential garden tools when working in hard, packed dirt. A variety of styles and firmness are available; try them out and see which feels best for you. Or spring for a kneeling stool. This nifty tool doubles as a seat when you flip it over!

digging hole for flowers trowel

3. Easy to Use Garden Tools

Opt for non-slip gardening tools (pruners, garden trowel, weeding tools, etc.) with ergonomic designs. Many new products are designed to reduce shock and need minimal grip strength to use. And electric garden shears provide the power for you! If you are using manual cutting tools, be sure you hold them correctly to reduce hand and wrist strain. Your hand should be held loosely, straight out in front of you. Repeating the clipping motion of garden shears with a bent wrist contributes to tendonitis. If you have arthritis, look for products with the Ease of Use label. The Arthritis Foundation tested a variety of garden tools to find ones that work best for people living with arthritis or other physical restrictions.

box planter, red kale, planter box

4. Raise the Garden

Bring your plants up to you! Raised beds, planter stands, and seed shelves all reduce back strain by elevating your workspace. Vertical gardening has gained popularity as a space-saver, but it's a major pain-saver, too.

Raking leaves, Rake, leaves, leaf, lawn, grass

5. Handle the Task

Long handled garden tools allow you to work with less pressure on your back. Trade in your clunky garden hoe and rake for styles that are lightweight and extendable. Don't want to purchase more tools? Attach an extender to ones you already own so you can use them while standing up straight.

Maya23K/Getty Images. Robot lawn mower on background wooden houses

6. Mow Smarter

Lawn care can be a tedious task, especially if you have a large yard. And if you have health conditions that limit your energy and mobility, it can be downright daunting. Look no further than a robotic lawn mower. These electric mowers take care of the chore for you remotely, without gas—meaning they're good for the planet AND good for you. While they run on the expensive side, it may be worth the cost if lawn maintenance is causing you stress.

mulching garden

7. Protect Your Hands

Look for gardening gloves that boost your gripping ability and provide support with reinforced pads. Gloves with a short sleeve also offer protection for the wrists and forearm, which is particularly important when working with prickly plants.

filling pot water pedestal garden hose

8. Water with Ease

When you have a lot of plants to water, repeatedly clamping down on a sprayer can hurt your wrist. Thumb control watering wands alleviate this problem. With the gentle press of a button, you can start and stop the water flow, switch between water patterns, and more.

crinkled gardening hose rolled up

9. Upgrade Your Hose

Anyone who's ever gardened knows that dragging a bulky hose out to reach your beds is one of the least fun parts of gardening. Enter: The expandable hose! These hoses are built to be lightweight and collapse easily, making doing the rounds through your flowers a cinch.

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