Amazon's Best-Selling Gardening Kneeler Now Comes in a Gift Set with Gloves and Lawn Shoes

And it's on sale.

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Ask any avid gardener and they'll tell you that spending the day outside, breathing in the fresh air while pruning, weeding, and planting can't be topped. However, all of this time spent bending over and kneeling in the dirt can be painful on your knees and lower back. Gardening can be a fun activity, but it's definitely more pleasant when you have the right tools to keep you comfortable as you work.

Perhaps that's why more than 4,000 shoppers have left five-star ratings for the Abco Tech Garden Kneeler, a convenient tool that offers cushion and stability for the whole body while gardening. And right now, the brand is bundling its best-selling gardening bench with a pair of gardening gloves and a set of lawn-aerating shoes for the holidays—and it's on sale with a clippable coupon.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: Abco Tech Gardening Gift Pack, $63 with coupon (was $78), Amazon

The kneeler is beloved by shoppers because it can be used in two ways: as a bench to sit on while working with taller plants, like roses, and as a kneeler when flipped upside down for weeding and planting. While in the kneeling position, the gadget's legs turn into handles to help you get down onto your knees and then back up again, and when it's used as a bench, there's a handy pouch on the side to hold your tools.

As mentioned, this bundle comes with a pair of gardening gloves that are waterproof and made of a thick, heavy-duty material to keep your hands clean and protected while working in your garden. They have removable digging tips on one hand, too, that turn your fingers into gardening tools. You'll also receive a set of lawn-aerating shoes with this gift pack. These strap onto your shoes and stay put with a series of buckles. Then all you have to do is walk around on your grass to push the 3-inch spikes on the underside of each aerator into the ground. The small holes they leave will help promote oxygen and water flow for a healthier, greener lawn.

Shoppers say that the kneeler is great for avid gardeners, including those who may have some physical restrictions.

"I've only had my Garden Kneeler for a few days, and I'm totally thrilled with my purchase," a reviewer said. "Because of my arthritis in my back and hips, I had thought about giving up my gardens. I have worked outside every day using my kneeler and have had no issues with pain. So glad I bought it!"

Another shopper added that they had a knee replacement and have "severe arthritis" in their lower back. "I love gardening and could not do most of my planting and weeding without this handy little bench," they wrote.

Give yourself, or someone who loves to be in their garden, the gift of a comfortable experience with the Abco Tech Gardening Gift Pack, and don't forget to add the coupon for $15 off today, while it's still available and ready to ship and arrive by Christmas.

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